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Be Aware of Your Indoor Air
indoor air pollution

Did you know the air inside buildings is nearly always more polluted than outside air? Learn the types of indoor air pollution and what you can do. (PDF Format Only)

Wet Floodproofing
wet floodproofing

The phrase “wet floodproofing” may sound like a contradiction, but it is the label used to refer to a collection of methods intended to reduce damage to a building when flooding occurs. This publication explains how wet floodproofing lets water into the building but protects the structure, contents and building systems independently. (PDF format only)

Using Panels as Closures in Flood Protection
using panels

Most floodproofing systems have openings that need to be closed and watertight during a flood. A panel closure is any flat, firm sheet material used to block one of these openings.This publication includes information about using panel closures. (PDF format only)

Mold Removal Guidelines for Your Home
Mold Removal Guidelines

This fact sheet provides basic steps for homeowners and volunteers to use in safely cleaning up mold in their homes and preventing its regrowth. It is focused on mold resulting from flooding but is applicable to other causes as well. (PDF Format Only)

Improve Your Home to Improve Your Health
dust mite
A home remodeling project – and your investment in it – can do so much more than update. It can make your home a healthier place to live and breathe for you and your family.
Don't Overdo Strenuous Activity in Hot, Humid Weather
Precautions to take to avoid dehydration while cleaning up after a disaster.
Avoiding Mold Hazards in Your Water-damaged Home
moldy wall
A flood-damaged building requires special attention to avoid or correct a mold population explosion.
Asthma: Bad News and Good News
Asthma is a disease that makes it difficult to breathe during an attack. Asthma attacks are set off by triggers,which are different for different people.
Protect Your Children from Lead
Lead poisoning is not just a problem in crumbling housing in inner cities. It's a common tragic result of remodeling older homes and other sources. Small exposures, once thought harmless, can cause serious, permanent damage to the brain.
Mold: Important Questions, Objective Answers
Mold. Important Questions, Objective Answers
Conflicting information and media coverage about hazards of mold and how to handle mold problems have left many people confused, concerned and sometimes frightened. If you have or suspect a mold problem in your home, this fact sheet will help you make well-informed decisions about how to fix the problem and prevent its return.
Mold Hazards Are Preventable
In the right conditions, molds multiply and can release enough spores in the air to cause health problems.