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Mold Control and Remediation Training
moldy home

24-hour course provides information, building science insights and methods for safe and effective mold removal and control in buildings.

Lead Certified Renovator Training (RRP)
Contractors are required to be lead-certified for the EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP). You play an important role in preventing lead poisoning. Are you ready?

LaHouse Resource Center
Exhibit room

A research-based showcase of solutions and educational programs to help you shape the future with homes that offer MORE benefits with LESS ....

My House, My Home
My House Family

Whenever you build, remodel or buy a home, you have the power of choice. Use this science-based guide to take control of your investment and enjoy a high-performance home that offers so much more than shelter and style alone.

Flood Recovery Information
Flooded house
From this page, you will be able to access information on a variety of issues related to flood recovery.
About the Portal Infosheet
About the Portal Info Sheet
Evolution of the floodmaps portal
Health Opportunities in Energy Audits and Upgrades workshop
Learn about strategies for combining healthy home and energy efficiency work for more of a "one-touch" home improvement approach.
FloodMaps Summary of Features
FloodMaps Features Summary
Summary of FloodMaps features, sized to print f/b on legal-sized paper. 3.5 Mg PDF
Be Aware of Your Indoor Air
indoor air pollution
Did you know the air inside buildings is nearly always more polluted than outside air? Learn the types of indoor air pollution and what you can do. (PDF Format Only)
Spray Foam, Unvented Attics, HVAC and Moisture Insights
Spray Foam, Attics, HVAC and Moisture slide thumbnail
Slides of a presentation developed to provide insight into the interactions of spray foam insulation, unvented attics, HVAC and moisture in homes -- to achieve high energy-efficiency and comfort without creating moisture problems and health hazards.
FloodMaps Graphics
FloodMaps Icon 1024px sq
Images for use with LSU AgCenter FloodMaps Portal
Sealing and Saddles Improve Air Flow in Ducts
Image: Sealing Duct to Plenum
Good performance of the HVAC systems depends on eliminating leaks in the plenum and ducting system and reducing friction within the ducts themselves. This 3-part video shows how to accomplish these goals, which also reduce attic air infiltration into the system.
Keep It Dry - Moisture Control Flaws and Fixes
window flashing
In our wet climate, keeping a wood frame house dry is crucial to prevent decay, mold and unhappy customers. This popular, highly-rated seminar will shed light on common flaws and fixes in flashing and moisture control sytems.
Tips for Using the FloodMaps Portal
Goes to PDF
Provides links to one-page documents with instructions of examples of using the new FloodMaps portal.
Build Safer, Stronger, Smarter
practical durable healthy convenient resource-efficient