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HVAC for Home Performance workshop
Leak testing HVAC system

As the energy-efficiency bar rises, the margin for error shrinks. Join this 3-day workshop to gain expertise in building science concepts that are key to prevent, diagnose and solve problems. You’ll learn best practice methods for HVAC design and crucial air sealing techniques to achieve the 2009 IRC energy code duct tightness provisions. This course also includes Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET) verifier training and certification.

LaHouse Resource Center
Exhibit room

A research-based showcase of solutions and educational programs to help you shape the future with homes that offer MORE benefits with LESS ....

My House, My Home
My House Family

Whenever you build, remodel or buy a home, you have the power of choice. Use this science-based guide to take control of your investment and enjoy a high-performance home that offers so much more than shelter and style alone.

Termite Resistance
Steel Mesh Termite Barrier

Use multiple methods to make your home resistant to damage from termites, especially Formosan subterranean termites, and other wood-destroying insects. Since basic controls and most state approved stand-alone treatments are not fool-proof, it’s wise to invest in a second line of defense or even a totally termite-resistant structure. Click here to find out how to make your home resistant to termites.

Flood Hazards in Louisiana
Louisiana floods - from excess rain and poor drainage; from overflow of rivers, streams and bayous; from drainage channels backing-up; from storm surge; from levee failures.
Flood Recovery Information
Flooded house
From this page, you will be able to access information on a variety of issues related to flood recovery.
Flood Fighter Challenge Steps Signage
Image of the FFC Steps Signage document
A document that has full-page signs for the three challenge steps.
Flood Fighter Challenge Instructions
Image of Flood Figher Challenge
A guide for teachers, 4-H agents and other adults working with youth to introduce the concepts of flood protection of a home. The activity is hands-on and involves water.
Figuring Out Flood Hazards - Youth Activity
Image of Flood Activity Guide
Public version of LSU AgCenter Publication # 3401 - 4-H Activity Guide - Resilience Science - Figuring Out Flood Hazards.
Withstanding the Winds - Youth Activity
Image and link to the PDF
Public version of LSU AgCenter Publication # 3400 - 4-H Activity Guide - Resilience Science - Withstanding the Winds.
Activities for Kids
Image and Link to Flood Fighter Challenge Instructions
A directory of flood and wind resistance information and activities for kids. Includes links to 4-H mitigation programs conducted by the State 4-H A-TEAM (Adaptation Team).
Flood Zone - New vs Old
Image of New-Old FIRM showing zone changes
Describes how to use the FloodMaps web site to find your flood zone on the proposed Flood Insurance Rate Map and compare it to the flood zone on the Effective FIRM.
Hiring a Mold Remediation Contractor
mold remediation contractor
Hiring a qualified contractor for mold remediation is not required but generally is safer and more effective than a "do-it-yourself" approach because of the use of specialized equipment. In either case, you should carefully follow safety precautions to reduce exposure to mold. This publication provides guidance on safe and effective mold remediation practices and how to select a qualified remediation professional. (PDF Format only)
DET and HVAC certified verifiers
List of Southface-LaHouse Certified Duct and Envelop Testing (DET) Verifiers and those who also completed HVAC for High Performance course.
Build Safer, Stronger, Smarter
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