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Filing insurance claims
Steps to take to file an insurance claim following a disaster.

Rent to Own Contracts: Are They for You?
After a disaster, if personal items and furnishings have been lost, rent-to-own purchase contracts may seem like a quick and easy option for replacements. Get the facts.

Your Rights as a Tenant
If the structure in which you live is damaged by a disaster, your landlord has a legal obligation to make needed repairs so the premises are useable. A summary of post-disaster repair, rent, lease, and personal property information is provided.

Good news about your homeowner's insurance policy
After a disaster, many poeple are surprised to find out what their homeowner's insurance policy does and does not cover. Important tips are offered.

Navigating Post-Disaster Mortgage Issues
What homeowners can do if they are having difficulty paying their mortgage following a disaster.
Back to School is not the end of Hurricane Season
Unfortunately, hurricane season does not end with the busy start of school each fall. There are LSU Ag Center on-line resources available to aid you in planning and preparing your family.
Beware of Frauds and Scams
Disasters often bring an influx of con artists. Consider these tips to protect yourself and your money.
Managing on a Suddenly Reduced Income
A sudden reduction in family income due to a disaster can be financially and emotionally traumatic. Hardships can be reduced by taking positive action.
Restoring Flood-Damaged Books and Papers
Tips to restore flood or water damaged books, documents and papers after a disaster.
Disaster Recovery: What You Need To Know About Your Rights As A Tenant
If you rent or lease an apartment, house or business building and the structure is damaged in a natural disaster, read your lease carefully to determine what you need to do regarding damages, terminating the lease, securing temporary housing and other matters.
Disaster Recovery: Filing Insurance Claims
The following steps should be taken to file an insurance claim for disaster damage to your home.
Disaster Recovery: Good News About Your Homeowners Insurance Policy
Although your policy may not cover flood damage to your home, it does offer some protection from loss caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes.
Disaster Recovery: Beware of Frauds and Scams
Natural disasters often bring an influx of con artists looking for ways to take advantage of the suffering and confusion. Consider these tips to protect yourself and your money.
Homeowners Share Insurance Lessons Learned the Hard Way
Homeowners have shared with Extension some of the common misconceptions about flood insurance that caused them to suffer financial losses greater than they expected.