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After A Disaster
Aftera Disaster - Lesson Plan for youth Educators sometimes feel unprepared when new students arrive as a result of disaster they experience, and current students sometimes have difficulty feeling empathy for the new transfer students. This lesson plan can be used with groups of youth in junior high and high school who need guidance in dealing with a change in their social environment, i.e., their school, following a disaster or even after positive changes in their life situation.

Hurricane Hardships Linger Into Holidays
Hurricane season is over, but the hardships from it are lingering into the holidays. Many Louisiana residents endured financial hardships this year, and LSU AgCenter family economist Dr. Jeanette Tucker says holiday budgets may be tight for many.

Disaster Unemployment Available To Storm Victims
Individuals who lost work due to recent hurricanes may qualify for disaster unemployment assistance, according to LSU AgCenter family economist Dr. Jeanette Tucker.

Strategies for Coping with Job Loss
unemployed worker

It is important to keep a variety of factors in mind as you attempt to cope with job loss. This document provides tips and strategies for coping.