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Avoiding Mold Hazards in Your Flooded Home

Testing Your Well Water for Safety
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The basic steps to make sure your well water is safe is have your water tested at a certified lab, find out if those test results indicate a health risk and if there is a health risk, what needs to be done.

Post Hurricane Lawn Establishment

Some lawns were lost to the flood waters and some were only hurt in spots. Dead areas will have to be replanted, or a weed patch will result. Some forethought before planting may save time, effort and money.

LaHouse Influences Building Techniques
Construction continues on the LSU AgCenter’s showcase home, the Louisiana House Home and Landscape Resource Center. The special features of the structure could influence techniques and components used to rebuild hurricane-damaged areas. Runtime: 60 seconds. (Radio News 1/9/06).

Expert Advises Building Stronger, Smarter
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita exposed how vulnerable standard buildings can be to powerful storms. A lesson from these storms is to build stronger and smarter, the experts say. Runtime: 60 seconds. (Radio News 1/9/06)

Builders, Homeowners Have Options When Rebuilding
Representatives with the U.S. Department of Energy toured the LSU AgCenter’s showcase home, known as LaHouse, and said this structure shows what homeowners can do to streghten their homes and make them more efficient. Runtime: 60 seconds. (Radio News 1/9/06)
Replanting Storm-ravaged Landscapes Begins
Landscapes damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita can be revitalized. LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill talks about what can be done to repair the damage.
Reinforced House Withstands Storms
(TV News For 11/21/05) Added safety measures can make a difference on a home when a storm threatens. The proof stands on a corner lot in a development in Plaquemines Parish.
Added Strength Equals Added Insulation For Home
Neighbors nicknamed Warren Lawrence’s home in Plaquemines Parish Fort St. Lawrence. Lawrence added special features to his home such as walls constructed of insulated concrete form. His home is outside of levee protection and vulnerable to storms.
Avoiding Mold Hazards in Your Water Damaged Home
moldy wall
A flood-damaged building requires special attention to avoid or correct a mold population explosion.
Cleaning Carpets and Floors After a Storm or Flood
It's best to get professional cleaners to work on carpets and floors, but this may not be possible. In any case, begin cleanup as soon as possible.