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The LSU AgCenter has an array of information to help people in their recovery from the multiple problems caused by a hurricane. These problems include the danger of disease from insects, other pests and flood waters as well as illness from contamination by flood waters. Please heed the following advice. Much more information is available at this Web site and at parish extension offices.

Flood Recovery Information
Flooded house

From this page, you will be able to access information on a variety of issues related to flood recovery.

Contracting for Repairs and Rebuilding
Outside contractors and companies will enter the area to offer their services. Some are honest and will do an adequate job, but be careful in working with outside contractors.

Preventing Mildew and Decay After the Storm
What to do to prevent problems with mildew and decay after storm waters receed..

After the Flood - Private Water Well Safety
After a flood, you’ll be anxious to use your normal water supply – your private well. But, when floodwater covers your well, or neighboring wells, there’s a possibility the water in your well will become contaminated.

Financial Assistance for Recovering from Disaster
Following a Presidential Declaration, disaster assistance is made available to help residents and local governments in the declared parishes recover from the effects of the disaster.
Floodwater has Nasties in It
Floodwater may be contaminated. Includes information on health and safety concerns, using caution with floodwater and other safety tips.
Handling Food and Water After a Flood
After a major storm or flood, you must assume that all water sources are contaminated until proved safe. Food that has been contaminated by floodwaters should also be handled carefully.
Don't Overdo Strenuous Activity in Hot, Humid Weather
Precautions to take to avoid dehydration while cleaning up after a disaster.
Determining Structural Damage and Preparing for Repairs After a Storm
When calm returns after the storm, it’s time to assess the damage and begin repairs. A number of factors should be considered, and the following information may be helpful.
Recovery & Assistance
This is a guide for flood and hurricane recovery information, including financial assistance.
Safety at the Flood Site
Even when the disaster has passed, major health and safety hazards remain. Serious injury can result for anyone dealing with the aftermath of a major storm, so it's wise to be overly cautious.
Cleaning Carpets and Floors After a Storm or Flood
It's best to get professional cleaners to work on carpets and floors, but this may not be possible. In any case, begin cleanup as soon as possible.
Saving Wet Walls and Floors
If your home was flooded, it must be disinfected and dried thoroughly to prevent mildew and future damage by wood rot.
Using an Electrical Generator for Emergency Power
Provides information and tips for using a generator for emergency power.
Build Safer, Stronger, Smarter
Storm Recovery Guide
Cleaning Up Flood-Damaged Homes