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Flood Insurance Provides Coverage for Emergency Protective Measures

The flood insurance policy provides limited coverage for expenses you incur trying to protect insured property from flood damage. The policy language is quoted in the box below. You should ask your insurance agent specific questions about actions for which you could expect to receive a claim payment and what documentation would be required.

Coverage C2 - Loss Avoidance Measures 

a. Sandbags, Supplies and Labor. The NFIP will pay up to $1,000 for costs you incur to protect the insured building from a flood or imminent danger of flood for the following: sandbags, sand, plastic sheeting, lumber, fill for levees and pumps. It will also pay for the value of work, at the federal minimum wage, that you or a member of your household perform. The policy's building deductible is not applied to this reimbursement. For reimbursement under this paragraph conditions must be met. [The conditions have to do with how imminent the flood threat is and are specified in the policy.]

b. Property Removed to Safety. Your insured property is covered for up to 45 days while it is located at another place above ground level or outside of the special hazard area, if the property was moved there to protect and preserve it from flood. The personal property that is moved must be placed in a fully enclosed building or otherwise reasonably protected from the elements. The policy will pay up to $1,000 toward the reasonable expenses you incur in moving any of your insured property temporarily away from the peril of flood. These reasonable expenses may include the value of your labor at prevailing federal minimum wage rates. The policy's deductible amount is not applied to this reimbursement.

Extracted from the NFIP Dwelling Policy as published on the FEMA Web site at http://www.fema.gov/business/nfip/sfip.shtm and downloaded October 8, 2004 .

For general information, see Flood Insurance publication (also available in Spanish)

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