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Child Care Aware is a joint project of the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Department of Social Services, Office of Family Support . This project is a comprehensive public awareness campaign designed to educate Louisiana families and child-care providers about the importance of quality child care for the development of young children. In Louisiana, research indicates a critical need for public awareness education. Specifically, poor families need to be educated on how to identify and secure quality child care for their children. Additionally, parents need to understand the importance of monitoring for quality child care because it correlates with child development outcomes.

The Be Child Care Aware public awareness campaign uses media of all types to broadcast the message that quality child care is important. By the end of the project, more than 205,000 individuals will be familiar with Be Child Care Aware. Be Child Care Aware will use seven key types of media to distribute information.

  • Radio public service announcements for broadcasting by radio stations
  • Feature news stories for print
  • Educational displays in public places
  • Educational brochures, one for child-care providers and one for parents
  • Educational presentations for child-care providers and other interested groups
  • Educational information on the Internet via the LSU AgCenter Web site
  • PowerPoint presentations for educating child-care providers and parents about quality child care

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