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Manage post-hurricane stress
(Distributed 09/07/08) You probably can’t avoid the stress coming in the wake of Hurricane Gustav, but you can manage it, says LSU AgCenter family and consumer sciences specialist Becky White.

Prepare an evacuation to-go kit for your child
(Distributed 08/29/08) Adults are urged to assemble a “grab-and-go” box of important papers in case of a hurricane evacuation. How about making a “to-go kit” for your child? Assembling a few treasured items can help your child in times of disaster, according to LSU AgCenter family development professor Dr. Rebecca White.

Healthy Beginnings for Your Baby
Healthy Beginnings for your baby

Giving your baby a good beginning is important in helping him or her mature and properly develop

Canine Heartworm Disease
This fact sheet has frequently asked questions about heartworm disease in dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canine Brucellosis
This fact sheet provides information about the disease Brucellosis in dogs.
Sizzlin' Summer Hazards for Pets
This fact sheet discusses common heat-related illnesses in pets and how to prevent them.
Child Safety in the Garden
Girl in Garden
Spending time in the landscape with children, especially young ones, requires adults to pay careful attention. Just as you would childproof an indoor room, it’s important to take safety precautions in the yard to keep young ones safe.
Smart Choices Nutrition News for Seniors
Fact or Fiction
The Smart Choices Nutrition News for Seniors is an informative newsletter designed to address specific nutrition and health-related issues for adults over 50.
The Little Bookshelf Program
Little Bookshelf Logo
The Little Bookshelf Program is designed to help parents foster a love of reading in their child from birth.
Little Bookshelf Program - Junior League Partnership 2009-10
Junior League volunteers are working with us on the Little Bookshelf Project. Helping us assemble, get the word out through PSA's and much much more!
Program Materials
Program Materials
Preschool and kindergarten character education resources. Use this link to access the following Character Critter materials all at once: Bookmarks, Hand Puppets, Masks, and Hat patterns.
Character Critter Garden Glove Activity
Garden Glove Activity
Preschool and kindergarten characer education resources. Use a garden glove to create storytelling finger puppets that will add life to your Character Critters story experience.
Health and Nutrition for the Elderly
Seniors and Food Safety...Preventing Food-borne Illness
Articles addressing various topics relating to health and nutrition for the elderly. Topics covered include: Bone Up on Osteoporosis, Eating Well as We Age, Food Label: Nutrition Facts at a Glance, Seniors and Food Safety...Preventing Food-borne Illness, and Vegetable Purchasing and Storage Tips.
Help your child recover from fearfulness following hurricanes
(Distributed 09/07/08) A child may continue to be fearful following a hurricane because of the uncertainty of the future. “A child can mix up real fear and make-believe fear. This is OK, and a parent or other care-giver can help in many ways,” says LSU AgCenter family and consumer sciences specialist Becky White.