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Best Management & Conservation Practices Survey
The LSU AgCenter is collecting information regarding best management/ conservation practices used on Louisiana farms. If you grow field crops, raise livestock or are involved in an aquaculture operation in Louisiana, please take a few minutes to provide your input. If you do not have a field crop, animal or aquaculture operation in Louisiana, please do not complete this survey. You may receive this survey from other sources. Please complete it only one time.
One way to help keep urban stormwater clean
Urban Stormwater
Urban areas with their concentrations of people, vehicles, homes, parking lots, streets, small and large business, industry and sewage can create heavy loads of pollutants in their stormwater runoff.
stormwater run-off
Stormwater is the water that runs off the land following rains. It is the primary source of most of the water in our rivers and streams.
Louisiana's Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Facts
Louisiana's Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Facts
A TMDL is a pollution budget for a specific waterbody (river, lake, stream, etc.). It is the maximum amount of a pollutant that can be released into a waterbody without causing the waterbody to become impaired and/or violate state water quality standards. Information on point and nonpoint sources and the history of TMDLs is included.
Every drop counts
Water Conservation Tips for Business & Industry
Simple tips on how to conserve water in the workplace: educate your employees and coworkers; know your usage; identify and fix leaks; maximize the efficiency of your cooling tower; install water efficient equipment; minimize the use of water for cleaning purposes.
Workplace Self-Assessment Checklist
This page lists several questions for facility managers to help gauge a facility’s present water-efficiency performance.
irrigation scheduling
On-Farm Water Conservation Methods
Overview of methods used to conserve water and reduce pumping costs on farms.
leaky faucet
Conserving Water Indoors
There are many things everyone can do to help conserve water when they are at home.
micro irrigation
Saving Water Outdoors
There are may easy and practical ways to cut back our water use in our yards and gardens.
Community Water Loss Control Programs
Water loss from a water distribution system is a significant factor affecting water delivery to customers. Water loss can be either apparent losses due to meter inaccuracies or unauthorized consumption, or real losses due to leakage at water service lines.
Leak Detection and Repair
Detecting and repairing leaks is one of the main components of water conservation. Old or poorly constructed pipelines, inadequate corrosion protection, poorly maintained valves and mechanical damage are some of the factors contributing to leakage.
Designing Stormwater BMPs
Information from the The BMP Design Workshop held on June 13, 2006. The curriculum is primarily for engineers, landscape architects, architects and planners. Topics include: What is a Design Storm?, Stormwater BMP Maintenance, Stormwater Wetland Design and Bio-retention Design.
Stormwater Academy
Information from the Stormwater Academy workshop held on June 12, 2006.
Stormwater Phase II
The EPA Stormwater Phase II program went into effect March 10, 2003 for urbanized areas with population densities of over 1,000 people per square mile and other designated areas. At this time the Stormwater control program for all small construction sites (1 to 5 acres) also went into effect. The program requires all affected areas to obtain a general permit and to file a Stormwater Management Plan for their Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).
Inspections and Maintenance
Inspections and Maintenance
Discusses the inspections and maintenance associated with handling storm water on small constructon sites.
Model Plan
Model Plan
Demonstrates the construction pollution prevention plan through images, illustrations, and examples.
Construction Best Management Practices
Demonstrates construction BMP's through various images and illustrations. Topics include: Erosion Control, Sediment Control and Stormwater Management on Construction Sites and Urban Areas.
Elements of the Storm Water Management Plan
Discusses the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) pertaining to storm water management on small construction sites.
Pollution Prevention
Pollution Prevention
Discusses and demonstrates ways to prevent pollution in water.
Soil Erosion by Water
Soil Erosion By Water
Discusses the causes and mitigations of soil erosion by water through a presentation created by the NRCS.
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