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2007 Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Newsletter
Azalea Lace Bugs, Spider Mites, Carpenter Beetles, Honeybees, Shot Hole Borers, Ant Lions, Dragon Flies, Earwigs, and Damsel Flies.

2006 Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Newsletter
2006 issues. Topics include: Fire Ants, armyworms, Carpenter Bees, Mole crickets, Chafers, White grubs, Mites, Psocids, Hibiscus Midge, and Fungus Gnats.

2008 Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Newsletter
2008 issues. Topics include: Thrips, Florida Wax Scale, Lace Bugs, Whiteflies, Aphids, Firewood Insects, Asian Lady Beetles, Potted Plants, Case-making Clothes Moth, Bees, and Wasps.

2009 Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Newsletter
Topics include: strawberry/scarlet-bodied wasp moth, bed bugs, horse-hair worms, spiders, Colaspsis beetles, Colorado potato beetles, and Leaf miners.

2010 Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
Tentative new format for posting Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Newsletter
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs: September 2006
Love bugs
We are seeing a decline in some insect populations but some explosions in others. Here are some potential problems this month.
LSAM Identification Service