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Honeybee Removal and Swarm Collection
Beekeepers who will remove honeybees from walls, structures and trees or collect swarms. Some will remove other bees and wasps. Some travel across the state; others restrict their service area.

Bees for Pollination
Listing of beekeepers who have and are willing to lease bee hives for pollination services.

Honeybee equipment suppliers
List of sources of supplies for beekeepers in Louisiana.

Honey Plants
Spring Flowers

PowerPoint on spring honey and pollen sources. Among those included: White Dutch Clover, Vetch, Verbenia, Wisteria, Mint, Willow, American Buckwheat Vine, Tallow, Magnolia, Orange Citrus, Passion Vine, Black or Honey Locust, Crimson Clover, Sweet Clover.

Bee Ready Vol. 71 March 2005
Provides Honeybee informatiom in Louisiana. Includes honey prices, pest control, bee hive registration information as well as information on swarms and removal of bees.
Bee Ready Vol. 72 September 2005
AHB distribution in the west.
Volume 72 provides information on the African honeybee movement into Louisiana, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry district offices, The state beekeepers' meeting, the October field day at the USDA Bee Breeding and Physiology Laboratory and the State Fair honey competition.
Bee Ready Vol. 76 - November 2006
The winners of the 2006 honey competition competed in three categories: Light Honey, Amber Honey and Dark Honey. Due to the reduced number of entries, the competition will be discontinued at the state fair. The competition will be moved to the state beekeepers meeting if enough requests are made for it to continue.
Bee Ready Vol. 74 - November 2005
Bee Ready Vol. 74 - November 2005
It’s been an exhausting year with all that has happened. We have the African honeybee in three parishes; we had hot, dry weather that reduced the honey crop; the price of honey went down; and we had not one but two hurricanes that tried to blow us all away or drown us.
Bee Ready vol. 78
Information about studies on CCD.
Bee Ready Vol 73 - October 2005
Volume 73 is a special edition dealing with mosquito spraying and support for beekeepers who lost hives to the hurricanes.
Bee Ready Vol. 75 - August 2006
It has been an on again-off again honeybee season, and the weather has not really cooperated for the bees -- first, too dry and too hot; now too wet in some areas for the bees to work efficiently.
Bug Biz: Carpenter Bees
Bug Biz: Carpenter Bees
This publication includes information on the identification and management of carpenter bees. (PDF format only)
Bug Biz: Removing Bees From Walls
Bug Biz: Removing Bees From Walls
The process of removing honeybees from walls in a house is complex. This publication explains how to safely and properly remove the bees from your walls. (PDF format only)
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