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   Red Imported Fire Ants
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Fire Ant Quiz
Fireant Quiz

This interactive and fun quiz will challenge your knowledge of Red Imported Fire Ants.

Parishes with Spreaders for Area-wide Programs
New location for fire ant spreaders

Map showing parishes that have a spreader available for use in area wide application of fire ant baits. Listing of locations by parish that have implemented the area wide program.

Distributors of Fire Ant Bait
The public can order any fire ant bait through local hardware stores, nurseries or coop/feed stores.

Managing Imported Fire Ants in Urban Areas
Managing Imported Fire Ants in Urban Areas

Properly identifying the ant species is the first step in determining whether and how to control them. In this publication there are options for managing various kinds of imported fire ant problems.

Sisters Fight Fire Ants With Large-scale Treatments
Fire Ants
Stepping outdoors was like being under attack for one homeowner. Fire ants were everywhere in her yard. Her sister’s pasture also was under siege. So they turned to an LSU AgCenter entomologist for help. (Runtime: 1 minute, 47 seconds)
Bug Biz: Fire Ants
Fire Ants
The red imported fire ant, a Louisiana resident since the early 1950s, can be a painful pest or a beneficial friend. Depending on your situation, you may want to manage these ants or simply let them go about their helpful way. Eradication vs. management of the fire ant is discussed in this fact sheet. (PDF Format Only)
Be On Lookout For Fire Ants In Areas Where Flooding Occurred
Fire ants can be a serious problem after hurricanes – particularly in flooded areas, according to experts with the LSU AgCenter.
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