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Fire Ant Quiz
Fireant Quiz

This interactive and fun quiz will challenge your knowledge of Red Imported Fire Ants.

The Tawny Crazy Ant in Louisiana
hairy crazy ant worker

Summarizes the spread of the Nylanderia fulva, hairy crazy ant, across the southern U.S. and the confusing proliferation of common and scientific names used for it.

The Plan for Managing Crazy Ants in Louisiana
Paratrechina longicornis, a common species of crazy ant

Nearly once per week I am asked to identify an ant that is suspected to be a Rasberry Crazy Ant. Recent requests have come from Lake Charles, Port Allen, Plaquemine, Cameron, Livingston, East Baton Rouge and West Feliciana parishes. At this time, none of the suspected ants were the pest that has plagued southeastern Texas. According to Tom Rasberry, the ants are poised to move into Louisiana and are in adjacent Texas counties.

Parishes with Spreaders for Area-wide Programs
New location for fire ant spreaders

Map showing parishes that have a spreader available for use in area wide application of fire ant baits. Listing of locations by parish that have implemented the area wide program.

Ant Issues Vol. 3: Fire Ants During Dry Seasons
Fire ants may be an indoor problem during the dry season as they search for water and food. The mounds move below the surface but they will still forage for food during the cooler times of the day.
Managing Imported Fire Ants in Urban Areas
Managing Imported Fire Ants in Urban Areas
Properly identifying the ant species is the first step in determining whether and how to control them. In this publication there are options for managing various kinds of imported fire ant problems.
Ant Issues Vol. 5: How Fire Ants Move
Fire Ants move long distances through the transport of potted plants, soil and sod. Fire ants spread by producing new queens and colony movement from unacceptable site due to flooding or other disturbances.
Ant Issues Vol. 4: Fire Ant Bait
All fire ant baits work very well when applied according to the label instructions. The way a fire ant bait works depends on the active ingredient in the bait.
Argentine Ant Habitat
Poster image
This poster addresses habitat preferences and where Argentine ants can be found.
Ant Issues Vol. 1
This is the first issue of a newsletter intended to communicate new information and recommendations for fire ant management and other ant problems in Louisiana. This issue focuses on current methods for community-wide fire ant control.
Ant Issues Vol. 2
Argentine ants have been reported in a few isolated areas in Louisiana. These ants are different from fire ants in appearance, nesting habits and behavior. These differences make control efforts different as well.
Basic Nest Biology and Structure of Argentine Ants
Poster image
Linepithema humile (Mayr), the Argentine ant, is an important invasive species that has great impact on agriculture, urban and natural environments worldwide. This poster discusses the basic nest biology and structure of the Argentine Ants.
Chemical Control of Argentine Ants
This poster discusses background of Argentine Ants, baits that are cheap and effective for indoor use, and outdoor ant control.
Cost-Effective Methods for Cultural Control of Argentine Ants
Flyer image
This poster addresses where Argentine Ants are found in Louisiana, as well as cost-effective ways to control them.
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