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Exterior Inspection -- Foundation

Inspecting the foundation of a raised structure for the presence of subterranean termites can be very simple, but you may need to get a little dirty.

First, walk around the exterior of the building.

Look for termite shelter tubes on the visible sides of the outer piers.

Also, look for signs of termite infestation or conditions conducive to infestation in other areas of the exterior of the structure.

There is more information about this on the next page.

Next, the inspector should go into the crawl space beneath the building to examine the remaining piers and the substructure.

Again, look for shelter tubes on the piers as well as shelter tubes and damage to the wooden beams, joists and flooring.

Look for shelter tubes on drain pipes, water supply lines, air conditioning lines, wires, conduits and any other objects that bridge the building to the ground.

Finally, look for other problems and conditions that are conducive to termite infestation.

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