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The harvest of timber, which has historically been Louisiana's No. 1 agricultural crop both in terms of gross income and value-added processing (LSU Ag Summary), has returned to pre-recession levels with the state harvesting numbers in excess of 990 million board feet of sawtimber and 6.3 million cords of timber in 2013. In 2011, Louisiana’s forest industry had a $3.73 billion impact in value-added and employed approximately 40,000 people (20,000 directly) in the state.

In order to make increasingly complex land management decisions, landowners need economic and tax knowledge. This section will cover taxes, prices, economic impact, economic outlook and employment trends in the major sectors (logging for instance) of the forestry industry within the state of Louisiana.

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Timber Reports
Reports provided by Dr. Shaun Tanger, LSU AgCenter Extension Forest Economist: Timber Prices (quarterly); Timber Outlook (annual); Timber Impact (annual); Logging Economic Impact Study (annual).