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LSU AgCenter announces bioenergy conference
The LSU AgCenter is holding a conference, titled “Bioenergy: A Focus on Louisiana,” in conjunction with National Bioenergy Day on Oct. 21.

Bioenergy: A Focus on Louisiana
Graphic about National Bioenergy Day.

Information about the LSU AgCenter's Oct. 21 conference held in conjunction with National Bioenergy Day.

Wood floor maintenance
hardwood floor install

This article includes information about how to care for wood floors.

Understanding Mold
mold on wood

This article provides information about mold in housing.

Marine Wood Borers
wood piling
This article describes causes and control of marine wood borer attack on wood.
Proper Disposal of Preservative-Treated Wood
CCA poles
This article informs readers how to properly dispose of preservative-treated wood.
New CCA process
Experimental microwave oven
This article describes a new process to recover heavy metals from pressure-treated wood.
Private Landowners' Guide to Forest Certification in the South
This paper seeks to provide guidance, understanding and reasons why private landowners should consider forest certification. It is also a useful source of information on types of certification systems available to date and more importantly the steps necessary to follow to achieve certification.
Extranets: A Comparison of the U.S. Forest Products Industry and Other U.S. Industries.
This paper compares the use of extranets between the forest products industry and other U.S. business sectors. Extranets are secure networks that electronically link companies over the Internet. Results of the study indicate that the forest products industry uses extranet-based business applications with less frequency than other industrial sectors, receives fewer benefits and has greater concerns from using this business tool.
How U.S. Forest Products Exporters Use the World Wide Web.
In this working paper we examine the use of the World Wide Web by primary wood products exporters. The study discovered that respondents used the Web mostly for promotion activities. The study also found that currently, multilingual Web sites are not likely to be more successful in reaching their objectives than English-only Web sites.
Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory Newsletter: December 1996
The following articles are presented in this issue of the newsletter: Unified Efforts, Governor's Forest Products Industry Task Force, New Extension Service Employee, Accidents Rate: Are we Measuring the Wrong Thing?, Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory Conducts Marketing Study in Northwest Louisiana, Lumber Drying Workshop and Small Wood Products Business Workshop.
Louisiana Forest Products Development Center Newsletter: Winter 2004
Articles in this issue of the newsletter include: LFPDC Enhances Economic Development in Louisiana; An Integrated Market-based Methodology for Value-added Solid Wood Products Sector Economic Development; Metafore, LSU AgCenter team up in Tropics; Properties of Bagasse Fiberboard Studied; First Memorial Lecture Features First Grad Student; Guide to Raised Floor Systems Now Available; LFPDC Researchers Look at Sugarcane Rind as a Raw Material for Composite Panels.
Louisiana Forest Products Development Center Newsletter: Winter 2007-2008
Articles in this issue include: LFPDC Director’s Message, Rutherford Named New Director of the School of Renewable Natural Resources, Vlosky Participates in Forest Products Marketing Capacity Building in Europe, LFPDC Receives $170,000 Grant to Build Extrusion Capability, Value-Added Wood Products Extension at LFPDC, LFPDC Hires New Value added Extension Faculty, Vlosky Named to Louisiana Forestry Association Board, Fragmentation Challenging Louisiana Forests Owners.
Louisiana Forest Products Development Center: Newsletter Winter 2005
Articles include: Director’s Message, Storm Clean up?, Experts Say Forest Management Requires Environmental Component, CBIT works with LFPDC on Supply Chain Initiative and Web Site, Process Holds Promise For Recycling Pressure Treated Wood, Forest Products Economic Development Update, Mechanical Forest Fuel Reduction vs. Burn-Only, Tax Incentive Programs Offered for Louisiana Companies.