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Timber Reports
Reports provided by Dr. Shaun Tanger, LSU AgCenter Extension Forest Economist: Timber Prices (quarterly); Timber Outlook (annual); Timber Impact (annual); Logging Economic Impact Study (annual).
Large forest trees are not always good candidates for preservation. They often have tall trunks and small, narrow canopies.
Protecting Shade Trees Around Your New Home
Many native trees usually can be saved and protected for valuable shade trees. Be sure to check the following points carefully before construction begins.
Graphic about National Bioenergy Day.
Bioenergy: A Focus on Louisiana
Information about the LSU AgCenter's Oct. 21 conference held in conjunction with National Bioenergy Day.
LSU AgCenter announces bioenergy conference
The LSU AgCenter is holding a conference, titled “Bioenergy: A Focus on Louisiana,” in conjunction with National Bioenergy Day on Oct. 21.
Arborist 3
Arborist Workshops 2015
2015 schedule of workshops and programs approved for the Louisiana Licensed Arborist Continuing Education Program. Use this calendar to pick the topic, location and date you want for your license renewal for 2016. These events are open to the public.
CCA poles
Proper Disposal of Preservative-Treated Wood
This article informs readers how to properly dispose of preservative-treated wood.
PDF version of Ecology and Management of Bark Beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) in Southern Pine Forests.
Ecology and Management of Bark Beetles in Southern Pine Forests
Bark beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) have been an important factor affecting pine forest production in the southern United States.Harvest in advance of, or salvage harvest after, bark beetle attack often is the favored management strategy. This strategy is not as appropriate in public forests managed for values provided by older, more vulnerable trees. High-value sites for cultural or endangered species protection may require use of more expensive management options.
Drainage video
Drainage BMPs for Road Construction
(Video 11/21/06) Discussions of forestry best managment practices related to drainage in building roads during harvest. (Running Time: 60 seconds)
Welcome to Extension Forestry
Added new point of contact.
Louisiana Timber Report
The Louisiana Timber Report is provided on a quarterly basis to give forest landowners in Louisiana an indication of average stumpage prices for the most common wood products sold. These prices are averages in the regions indicated.
Contact Information
Contact information for Louisiana Area Extension Foresters by region and the Statewide Extension Wildlife Specialist.
Louisiana Forest Products Development Center Newsletter: Fall 2003
Articles in this issue of the newsletter include: Director's Message, LFPDC Has First and Second Place Award Winners, Engineered Wood Composite Program on the Run, Wood Products Extension Programming, E-Commerce Opportunity for Wood Products, An Economic Opportunity for Reducing Forest Fuels, Vlosky to Lead UNECE Marketing Team, Treated Wood Research Series.
Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory Newsletter: Winter 1999
In this issue, we present the following articles: Grant Awarded for Employment, Development Study; Research on Environmental Certification Finished; Causes & Analysis of Warp in Overlaid Furniture Panels; Third Annual 3-Day Lumber Drying Workshop to be Held February 24-26 in Baton Rouge; Hardwood Workshop Set for Louisiana Tech.
Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory Newsletter: Spring 1999
Newsletter articles: Training Programs for Louisiana's Forest Products Industries Needed, New Study on Employment and Training Needs in the Louisiana Value-Added Wood Products Industry, LSU Forestry Club Students Go to Forestry Conclave, LFPL Researchers Turning Louisiana's Wood and Ag Residues into Fire Logs.
Influences of Government Interventions on Increase Value-Added Wood Product Exports from Ghana
The findings of this research indicate that a reduction in air-dried lumber production in Ghana was significantly and negatively related to imposition of the air-dry levy but had no significant relationship with raw material levels. It was further observed that products that are processed further downstream, including rotary and plywood, could not be significantly affected by the strategies.
Is Stewardship Certification?
In our previous study, the NIPF of Louisiana indicated that Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) would be most acceptable to them as a certifying agency. A key question remained, however: Is the approach currently utilized by the LDAF to implement Stewardship an equivalent surrogate for certification? This research attempts to answer that question by comparing the Louisiana Forest Stewardship Program with the guidelines of four sustainable forest management standards.
Forest Fuel Reduction Survey Analysis: Forest Administrators.
Recent wild fires in various states have led foresters/firefighters/land managers to seriously investigate and execute the methods required to carry out a successful fuel reduction project. A survey was mailed to target these types of individuals nationwide. The analysis resulted in classifying mechanical and burn only operations based on the nature of projects.
Bridging the Rural/Urban Digital Divide.
In this study, we studied how the Rural/Urban Digital Divide could be bridged. We conclude that internet is becoming an invaluable tool for development. However, there is a challenge of how to ensure that all participants, industrialized and developing, urban and rural, rich and poor, and all races benefit from this technology. America should strive to turn the digital divide into digital opportunities to maintain economic growth.
A History of the Harvesting Practices Used in the Cypress Swamps of the Southern United States 1700-1960.
In this research, we study the history of the various processes of harvesting, skidding and transportation practices used in the Cypress Swamps of the Southern United States.
Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory Newsletter: December 1996
The following articles are presented in this issue of the newsletter: Unified Efforts, Governor's Forest Products Industry Task Force, New Extension Service Employee, Accidents Rate: Are we Measuring the Wrong Thing?, Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory Conducts Marketing Study in Northwest Louisiana, Lumber Drying Workshop and Small Wood Products Business Workshop.
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