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Tax Tips for Forest Landowner for the 2013 Tax Year
Tax Tips 2013

Bulletin summarizing Federal income tax provisions related to woodland property for use by woodland owners in preparing their 2013 individual tax returns.

Arborist Workshops 2014
Arborist Program

2014 schedule of workshops and programs approved for the Louisiana Licensed Arborist Continuing Education Program. Use this calendar to pick the topic, location and date you want for your license renewal for 2015. These events are open to the public.

Understanding Mold
mold on wood

This article provides information about mold in housing.

Louisiana Timber Report
PDF version of the Louisiana Timber Report, fourth quarter, 2013.

The Louisiana Timber Report is provided on a quarterly basis to give forest landowners in Louisiana an indication of average stumpage prices for the most common wood products sold. These prices are averages in the regions indicated.

Extension Forestry Publications & Websites
Links to key LSU AgCenter extension forestry publications and related websites, including tax information.
Contact Information
Contact information for Louisiana Area Extension Foresters by region and the Statewide Extension Wildlife Specialist.
Forestry Events
LSU AgCenter forestry-related event information for 2013.
Welcome to Extension Forestry
The goal of the Extension Forestry Program is to develop and deliver effective programs and activities that are responsive to the forest and natural resource needs of landowners, professionals, industry and citizens of the state.
Ecology and Management of Bark Beetles in Southern Pine Forests
PDF version of Ecology and Management of Bark Beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) in Southern Pine Forests.
Bark beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) have been an important factor affecting pine forest production in the southern United States.Harvest in advance of, or salvage harvest after, bark beetle attack often is the favored management strategy. This strategy is not as appropriate in public forests managed for values provided by older, more vulnerable trees. High-value sites for cultural or endangered species protection may require use of more expensive management options.
Marine Wood Borers
wood piling
This article describes causes and control of marine wood borer attack on wood.
Proper Disposal of Preservative-Treated Wood
CCA poles
This article informs readers how to properly dispose of preservative-treated wood.
New CCA process
Experimental microwave oven
This article describes a new process to recover heavy metals from pressure-treated wood.
Hire an Arborist for Residential Tree Needs
Arborist Dave Leonard uses and air knife to remedy soil compaction under a live oak tree in New Orleans.
Sound stewardship of urban and community trees includes employing the services of arborists to help maintain their health and vitality. This article provides the homeowner tips on finding and hiring a tree care professional for your residential tree care needs.
Private Landowners' Guide to Forest Certification in the South
This paper seeks to provide guidance, understanding and reasons why private landowners should consider forest certification. It is also a useful source of information on types of certification systems available to date and more importantly the steps necessary to follow to achieve certification.