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The Louisiana Master Farmer Program
Louisiana Master Farmer Program

2015 Master Farmer University Scheduled January 12, 2015, in West Monroe

2012 Outstanding Louisiana Master Farmer Award
Tilton-2012 Outstanding LA Master Farmer

John Tilton recieves 2012 Outstanding Louisiana Master Farmer Award.

2012 Certified Master Farmers Part 2
Carolyn Falgout

Photographs of those recieving Master Farmer certification in 2012

2012 Certified Master Farmers Part 1
Dwayne Compton

Thirty-three agricultural producers were certified as Master Farmers at the Louisiana Association of Conservation Districts Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge on January 10, 2013.

Harper Armstrong, Morehouse Parish
Harper Armstrong has been farming in Louisiana for the past 47 years, continuing a tradition handed down to him by his father. He farms 2,500 acres of soybeans, corn and wheat in Morehouse Parish. He was recently selected as the Northeast Region Agricultural Producer of the Year and the 2013 Louisiana Farmer of the Year.
Donald Berken, Jefferson Davis Parish
Donald Berken has been farming for the past 40 years, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He says it's the only thing he ever wanted to to do. He farms 980 acres of rice and soybeans in Jefferson Davis Parish.
Gerald Wood, St. James Parish
Gerald Wood has been farming all his life. He farms almost 6,500 acres of sugarcane and timber in St. James and Pointe Coupee parishes and was a finalist for the 2013 Louisiana Farmer of the Year.
Smooth Cordgrass Varieties: Descriptions and Performance
smooth cordgrass
Smooth cordgrass is a perennial grass native to intertidal saline marshes along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts. It is important for coastal areas because it reduces coastal erosion. Smooth cordgrass stems reduce wave energy and build land. The roots stabilize existing land. Reducing coastal erosion is especially important in Louisiana because the state has the highest erosion rate in the continental United States. (PDF Format Only)
Anthony Plattsmier, St. Landry Parish
Anthony Plattsmier farms approximately 500 acres of rice and soybeans in St. Landry Parish. He has participated in the LSU AgCenter's rice verification program. (Running time: 1:10)
List of SPCC Plan Developers in Louisiana
Fuel tank
Attached is a list of professional engineering and planning firms that have experience in developing SPCC and SPC plans. Producers and companies needing plans are greatly encouraged to contact these companies and seek their guidance in implementing the practices required by SPCC/SPC. Firms that are not listed, and would like to be included in this list, are requested to contact Dr. Ernest Girouard at
Beef Cattle Production Best Management Practices
Beef Cattle Production Best Management Practices
The best management practices that apply most directly to the beef industry are in this publication. A brief description, purpose and conditions to which the practice applies are given for each of the BMPs listed. (PDF Format Only)
Web Links & Contributing Authors
Please click on this image for the printable PDF version of the LSU AgCenter's Louisiana Conservation Tillage Handbook.
Contributing authors to the LSU AgCenter's Louisiana Conservation Tillage Handbook.
Final Thoughts
Conservation Tillage
This publication was designed to inspire producers considering moving to a conservation tillage system. As with conventional tillage, conservation tillage systems have hurdles that must be overcome. Technology exists to overcome all of these obstacles, however.
Six-row conservation tillage planter.
Well maintained and adjusted planting and spraying equipment is crucial for obtaining good stands and weed control in conservation tillage systems.