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Goat Project Book

The 4-H Club Goat Project book contains learning activities for raising goats, project activities and project record sheets.

The 4-H Goat Project book has been divided into separate sections to make downloading the document faster for those who have slower connection speeds.

The complete booklet is provided first for those who wish to download the entire booklet at one time. Below that are links to each section and chapter as well as the glossary, project activities and project records.

Related Files
FilenameDescriptionFile Size
Goat_Project.pdf Goat Project (Complete Booklet) 11,178.36 KB
Goat_Intro.pdf Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction 1,188.98 KB
Goat_Ch1.pdf Chapter 1 - Breeds of Goats 957.94 KB
Goat_Ch2.pdf Chapter 2 - Selection of Goats 1,246.24 KB
Goat_Ch3.pdf Chapter 3 - Facilities & Housing 732.83 KB
Goat_Ch4.pdf Chapter 4 - Nutrition 1,245.59 KB
Goat_Ch5.pdf Chapter 5 - Management 1,826.76 KB
Goat_Ch6.pdf Chapter 6 - Health 910.65 KB
Goat_Ch7.pdf Chapter 7 - Record Keeping 364.63 KB
Goat_Ch8.pdf Chapter 8 - Feeding, Fitting & Showing 550.84 KB
Goat_Glossary.pdf Glossaries (General & Veterinary) 773.68 KB
Goat_Proj_Act.pdf Project Activities 757.48 KB
Goat_Proj_Rec.pdf Project Records 853.76 KB
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