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4-H Poultry Project

The 4-H poultry project is for boys and girls who want to learn to raise and grow chickens. If you complete this project, you will learn (1) to identify different varieties of poultry, (2) to feed and manage poultry, (3) to exhibit poultry and (4) to record your activities.

The 4-H poultry project includes three kinds of project work. You may do one, two or all three.

Poultry Projects

1. Broiler Production Project. Club member raises 25 or more chickens (broilers) to produce meat. This short-term project lasts only seven to nine weeks. Broilers raised for this project are bought as 1-day-old chicks.

2. Egg Production Project. Club member raises a flock of chickens (20 to 25 hens) for their eggs. This long-term project generally lasts six months or longer. Hens used for this project may be bought as pullets (young females) or raised from chicks. The eggs produced can be for home use or sold to a local market.

3. Exhibition Birds Project. Club member raises a small flock of chickens (15 or more birds) to exhibit at parish and state poultry shows. All birds exhibited must have been raised from 1-day-old chicks. Exhibition birds must be purebred and may be standard bred or bantams. Standard bred are normal-size chickens. Bantams are miniatures. Club member may exhibit both standard and bantams.

4-H Poultry Project books are available for 4-H'ers in the 4th-12th grade. Click below to download a PDF copy of the project book.

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