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Benchmarking for Broiler Production
This page provides information on how to start a recordkeeping (benchmarking) program for your broiler chicken farm.

Seasonal Price and Production Influences in the Broiler Chicken Industry
broiler chicken industry

This publication discusses the data provided by branches of USDA and its limitations, as well as background information on some relationships within the data that is publicly available for the broiler chicken industry.

In-House Pasteurization of Broiler Litter
In-House Pasteurization

(Video) Many broiler producers re-use litter from previous flocks to help reduce the amount of litter for disposal and to help defray production costs. In-house pasteurization of broiler litter can be a good litter management tool, but there are steps that are crucial to the success of this process. (Runtime: 5:56)

A Conjoint Analysis of Site Selection for the U.S. Broiler Industry: Implications for Louisiana (August 2004)
A Conjoint Analysis of Site Selection for the U.S. Broiler Industry: Implications for Louisiana (August 2004)

The purpose of this study is to analyze broiler industry executives’ decisions on where to locate a broiler complex in the United States. The specific objectives are to identify factors affecting site locations of broiler complexes in the United States and to measure the effects and relative importance of these factors on the broiler complex location decision. (PDF format only)

A'maze'ing Growth: Fast Chicks Gain More Weight
Sea Of Chicks
Genetic selection of broiler chickens for production performance has been associated with changes in their behavior. Traits such as aggres-siveness, mating behavior, fearfulness (propensity to be easily frightened), feather pecking and sociality vary considerably within genetic strains. Many of these traits can exert profound effects on the welfare and productivity of farmed poultry because they influence the birds’ ability to adapt to their social and physical environment.
Louisiana Poultry Industry Major Economic Factor
Poultry Industry
Poultry production is Louisiana’s largest animal industry – a spot it has held for the past five years – and its $1.24 billion contribution to the state’s economy makes it the second-largest segment of Louisiana’s agricultural industries.