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head shot of sorrel horse with bridle
Disaster Preparedness For Horse Producers
Due to the vulnerability of Louisiana to hurricanes and their potential to cause widespread damage due to high winds and flooding, hurricane preparedness is essential. This fact sheet provides horse producers with information needed to prepare for all types of disasters.
holstein cows grazing on pasture
Disaster Preparedness For Dairy Producers
Due to the vulnerability of Louisiana to hurricanes and their potential to cause widespread damage due to high winds and flooding, hurricane preparedness is essential. This fact sheet provides dairy producers with information needed to get ready for all types of disasters.
ewes on pasture
Disaster Preparedness for Goat and Sheep Producers
Due to the vulnerability of Louisiana to hurricanes and their potential to cause widespread damage due to high winds and flooding, hurricane preparedness is essential. This fact sheet provides information needed for small-ruminant owners to prepare for all types of disasters.
Please click here for the PDF version of the April 2014 issue of the Talkin' Horses newsletter.
2014 Talkin' Horses Newsletters
This newsletter features topics on the purchase, care and training of horses, and includes news and upcoming events.
disease guide
Plant Disease Management Guide
This guide for 2013 contains suggestions for management of the most important or more prevalent diseases of Louisiana plants. It includes information on fungicides, bactericides and nematicides, as well as safety precautions for using them.
Domestic Birds, Poultry Not Likely to Harbor Encephalitis Viruses
The chances of poultry and other domestic birds acquiring mosquito-transmitted encephalitis viruses are relatively low, according to an LSU AgCenter expert, who says you also can take precautions to further reduce that risk.
insect guide
Louisiana Insect Pest Management Guide
This 2014 guide was compiled by LSU AgCenter experts and includes regulations, precautions and suggestions for pest control in Louisiana. Detailed topics include drift of pesticides, hazards of pesticides to beneficial insects and wildlife, phytotoxicity and use of beneficial insects to control pest populations. A section on organic gardening also is included.
Blue Crab
New bait could benefit La. crab, shrimp industries
(Video News 02/10/14) A new gelatin- like bait using shrimp waste could improve the way blue crabs are caught and add value to Louisiana’s shrimp processing industry. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard has this report. (Runtime: 1:46)
Livestock show
Special needs student succeeds at livestock show
(Video 02/14/14) For one week a year, youngsters and their animals gather for the LSU AgCenter Livestock Show. The show attracts students from all walks of life. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard visited with a 4-H’er with Down syndrome who shines during his moment in the show ring. (Runtime: 1:57)
Important Fly Pests of Louisiana Beef Cattle
Important Fly Pests of Louisiana Beef Cattle
The blood-sucking fly pests of Louisiana beef cattle include the horn fly, stable fly and many species of tabanids. By understanding the biology and life cycle of each pest, producers will be better able to devise more effective fly control programs. This publication explains how, in most cases, an integrated approach, whereby more than one control method is used, will prove more effective for long-term fly control. (PDF Format Only)
depreciating broiler chicken houses
Potential Tax Strategies for Depreciating Broiler Chicken Houses
The brochure details the impacts of using alternative tax depreciation schedules to improve the cash flow for contract broiler producers. (PDF format only)
Animal Industry News Update Newsletters 2000-2014
The Animal Industry News Update is a quarterly newsletter from the animal science, veterinary science and livestock economics extension specialists of the LSU AgCenter. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide current, research-based animal industry information to county agents, 4-H agents and animal producers.
Animal Industry News Update - March 2014
E-Newsletter from the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Extension Specialists March 2014. Topics covered include: Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea; Should you blanket your horse?; Frequently asked questions about Expected Progeny Differences (EPD's); Wholesale Meat Prices Adjust to Consumer Demand and Tighter Supplies; The U.S. Poultry Industry Significantly Impacts the U.S. Economy.
Brahman bull on pasture
Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations
Performing breeding soundness evaluations on herd bulls is a sound investment for beef cow-calf operations. A bull breeding soundness evaluation (BSE) is a uniform method of assessing a bull’s likelihood of accomplishing pregnancy in an appropriate number of open, healthy, cycling cows or heifers in a defined breeding season.
Computed tomography of the skull in horses
Learn the value of Computed tomography of the skull in horses.
Normal Sag
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in lame horses
Advantages of using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to determine the cause of lameness in horses.
Equine Piroplasmosis
Owner fact sheet about Piroplasmosis in horses. Equine piroplasmosis (also known as babesiosis) is a disease of horses, donkeys, mules, and zebras. While common in many subtropical and tropical parts of the world, it is considered exotic and reportable in the United States.
Bull Purchase Price Spreadsheet
Bull Purchase Price Comparison
This spreadsheet is designed to assist cow/calf producers in determining if purchasing a higher-priced bull is an economically sound investment. Users are asked to enter information including calf prices, weaning weights and weaning percentage to calculate the difference in net present value between the two bulls. A positive net present value suggests the higher-priced bull will be an economically sound investment based on the assumptions entered by the user.
Pregnant Heifers Grazing
Performance of Beef Cows Grazing Ryegrass, Fescue or Fed Hay
The objective of this experiment was to compare performance of mature cows and their calves grazing bermudagrass/bahiagrass pastures that had endophyte-infected Georgia 5 tall fescue established in the sod, grazing similar bermudagrass/bahiagrass pastures that were overseeded each year with ryegrass, or grazing bermudagrass/bahiagrass pastures and receiving hay.
January-February 2008 Dairy Digest
2008 Dairy Digest
The Louisiana Dairy Digest is a publication of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service that provides information on the latest developments and issues affecting dairy farming. Some topics covered include: Farm Bill Update, Dairy Scholarships and Ag Related Jobs Available, Alfalfa Baleage Production, Quality, and Persistence, Whole Cottonseed is still worth the Price.
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