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A Compilation of Research Results Involving Tropically Adapted Beef Cattle Breeds
cover of research results of tropical adapted beef cattle breeds

The southern United States contains almost half of the nation's cow-calf population in the hot/humid Southeast and Gulf Coast areas. Even in more temperate areas of the United States, weaning productivity of Brahman x Bos taurus cows is virtually unequaled.

Effects of Breed Type, Creep Feeding and Growth Implants on Heifer Pre- and Postweaning Growth and Reproductive Performance
Effects of Breed Type, Creep Feeding and Growth Implants on Heifer Pre- and Post-Weaning Growth and Reproductive Performance

Based on these results, a cow-calf producer wishing to retain suitable heifers as herd replacements and sell the remaining heifers at weaning can reasonably consider implanting all heifer calves. High-protein creep, limit-fed to suckling heifer calves had no effect on pre-weaning, post-weaning, or reproductive performance in this study.

Estrus Synchronization Using MGA or Altrenogest in Crossbred Beef Heifers
Estrus Detection Patch on Heifers (HeatWatch)

Estrus synchronization had its humble beginnings in the 1940s when progesterone and pregnant mare serum gonadotropin were administered to cattle at varying stages of the estrous cycle to alter cyclicity. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of altrenogest for estrus synchronization of crossbred beef heifers.

Animal Genetics Collected, Stored To Preserve Long-term Diversity

Although there’s not an imminent danger, some scientists say a widespread disease or bioterrorism attack could wipe out significant portions of the U.S. farm animal population. That's where the National Animal Germplasm Program comes in.

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