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Caseous Lymphadenitis
Caseous Lymphadenitis

This articlle describes a disease of sheep and goats called caseous lymphadenitis. CL is caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis and is manifested by abscesses of the lymph nodes and occasionallyof the internal organs.

Floppy Kid Syndrome
Floppy Kid Syndrome fact sheet

Floppy Kid Syndrome can affect very young kids, causing profound weakness. This fact sheet describes the signs of this syndrome and how to treat it.

Predator Management in Sheep and Goats
Predator Management in Sheep and Goats fact sheet

Predator control is an important part of raising sheep and goats. This fact sheet describes management alternatives to predator control.

Copper Toxicity in Sheep
Copper Toxicity in Sheep fact sheet

Copper toxicity can occur following ingestion of excess copper in feed or minerals over time. Stress can induce the acute form of this disease, which can be deadly.

Contagious Ecthyma
Contagious Ecthyma fact sheet
Contagious ecthyma is a pox-like disease that causes a contagious skin inflammation in sheep and goats. This fact sheet describes the signs of this disease and how to control it.
Azalea Toxicity in Goats
Azalea Toxicity in Goats Fact Sheet
Azaleas are a common ornamental plant in Louisiana. But they can be deadly to livestock, especially goats. This fact sheet explains what can happen when goats consume azaleas.
Pseudopregnancy in Goats
Pseudopregnancy in Goats Fact Sheet
Pseudopregnancy is a condition of goats that is characterized by accumulation of fluid in the uterus. This fact sheet describes the common signs of this condition and what to do once it's diagnosed.
Poisonous Plants for Louisiana Livestock in the Fall
Senna occidentalis
Images of major poisonous plants are presented to assist livestock owners with plant recognition. Toxic effects are also mentioned.
Keeping Show Animals Healthy
girl brushing show pig
This article discusses common diseases in show animals and how to prevent them.