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Avian Influenza
Avian Influenza

What is avian influenza (bird flu)? What are the hosts for avian influenza? How is avian influenza transmitted from bird to bird? What are the signs of avian influenza in birds? Find these answers and more in this one-page fact sheet. (PDF Format Only)

Trace Minerals for Swine and Poultry
Feeding Pigs

Trace minerals are important nutrients in diets for swine and poultry. They are required for growth, bone development, feathering in chickens, enzyme structure and function, and appetite. Over the past 20 years, scientists in the LSU AgCenter have played an important role in understanding the need for and use of trace minerals in diets for animals.

A'maze'ing Growth: Fast Chicks Gain More Weight
Sea Of Chicks

Genetic selection of broiler chickens for production performance has been associated with changes in their behavior. Traits such as aggres-siveness, mating behavior, fearfulness (propensity to be easily frightened), feather pecking and sociality vary considerably within genetic strains. Many of these traits can exert profound effects on the welfare and productivity of farmed poultry because they influence the birds’ ability to adapt to their social and physical environment.

LSU AgCenter Poultry Expert Explains Scabs on Chickens’ Combs and Wattles

Have your chickens ever had white lesions that developed into wart-like nodules and then formed dark scabs on their combs and wattles? If so, your chickens had fowl pox, according to LSU AgCenter poultry professor Dr. Theresia Lavergne.

Domestic Birds, Poultry Not Likely to Harbor Encephalitis Viruses
The chances of poultry and other domestic birds acquiring mosquito-transmitted encephalitis viruses are relatively low, according to an LSU AgCenter expert, who says you also can take precautions to further reduce that risk.
Chicken Picking Incidents Sighted, Reports LSU AgCenter Poultry Expert
Stress can lead poultry to "pick" at one another, and LSU AgCenter poultry expert Dr. Theresia Lavergne says the problem seems to be occurring around the state.
Useful Links for Poultry Health Information
Browse this list of links for additional information on poultry health.
Animal Genetics Collected, Stored To Preserve Long-term Diversity
Although there’s not an imminent danger, some scientists say a widespread disease or bioterrorism attack could wipe out significant portions of the U.S. farm animal population. That's where the National Animal Germplasm Program comes in.
Advice on Reducing Heat Stress in Poultry
Dealing with summertime heat is a great challenge for people in Louisiana, and LSU AgCenter poultry specialist Dr. Theresia Lavergne says high heat and humidity combine to pose severe problems for all types of poultry.