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Horse Expert Lists Benefits of Horse Ownership
Horse ownership can be very exciting and rewarding. The primary reasons for horse ownership are companionship, recreation and relaxation, says LSU AgCenter animal science professor Dr. Clint Depew.
Teaching Youth to Ride by Feel
One of the most difficult tasks facing an instructor is teaching a student to feel and react to the horse's movement and responses. Riders who do not feel the horse's errors are unable to react correctly in a timely manner to the horse.
equine warning sign
Equine Liability Statute: Are you in compliance?
Many states have passed equine liability laws that protect against the inherent risks of equine activities. In fact, California, Maryland, Nevada and New York are the only states that do not have such laws. All of the laws are fairly similar but contain different characteristics.
Cutting the Cost of Horse Ownership in Tough Financial Times
In the current turbulent economic situation, horse owners need information on how to reduce horse maintenance costs in order to be able to keep their horses. Learn what a financially strapped horse owner can do to cut costs and save money with these tips from an economist, an equine specialist and a horse owner.
the master horseman
The Master Horseman (DVDs)
DVD 1: Horse Training (1 hour and 20 minutes) covers philosophy of training; ground work exercises; techniques for gaining control of the head, shoulder and hip; basic maneuvers; and more. DVD 2: Rider Development (30 minutes) explains how to find the rhythm of the horse’s movement and influence the horse through balance and rhythm, as well as other useful information.
Daily Care and Management
By providing good care, horsemen can minimize the costs of health care and maximize their enjoyment of their horses.
Water For Horses Critical
In the summer months it is highly important to consider the water consumption of your horse. "Water is the most essential nutrient that we provide in a horse’s diet," says former LSU AgCenter horse specialist Dr. Clint Depew, and Southwest Region Horse Agent Howard Cormier.
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