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Sweet Potato News
sweet potato news

Louisiana Sweet Potato News aims to update and inform all those associated with or interested in Louisiana sweet potatoes. Among the topics featured in this newsletter are such items as crop profiles, information related to various aspects of sweet potato production, the latest details on insect, weed and disease management, and current industry news and events.

Sugarcane Beetle
Sugarcane beetle chewing on the crown of the rice plant.

Sugarcane beetle chewing on the crown of the rice plant.

Managing Cucumber Beetles (Rootworms) in Louisiana Sweet Potato Production
cucumber beetle

Cucumber beetles (rootworms) are significant insect pests of sweet potatoes in Louisiana. Adults and larvae of these insects feed on sweet potatoes, but larvae are the most damaging. Descriptions of the banded cucumber beetle and the spotted cucumber beetle, as well as management strategies for these insects, are included in this publication. (PDF Format Only)

Bug Biz: Lepidopteron Insect Pests in Sweet Potato Production
Sweet Potato Insect Pests

This publication deals with some of the insects that attack sweet potatoes in Louisiana. It covers such pests as beet armyworms, soybean loopers and cabbage loopers and includes background information, descriptions of the pests and details on the damage they can cause. PDF format only.

Insect Pest Management in Louisiana Sweet Potatoes
insect sweet potatoes
Proper insect management requires the use of several management strategies aimed at protecting the crop and ultimately ensuring economic sustainability. Knowledge and identification of key insects are critical first steps in sweet potato pest management. This publication includes information on biology and management of problematic insects. (PDF Format Only)
The Sweet Truth about Sweet Potato Production in Louisiana
Sweet Potatoes
How do sweet potatoes get from the field to your table? This video explains the amazing multi-step, labor intensive process to producing sweet potatoes. It's your chance to learn the "sweet truth" about sweet potato production in Louisiana.
Louisiana Sweet Potatoes
sweet potato
Louisiana sweet potatoes or Louisiana yams, as they have come to be known, are bred to have a soft, moist flesh, to be exceptionally sweet and flavorful and to be very high in beta carotene or vitamin A value. Information on history, nutrition,helpful hints and recipes included. (PDF format only)
Sweet Potato Quick Facts
sweet potato quick facts pdf
This publication provides a variety of information about sweet potatoes, including nutrition information, per capita consumption, products made from sweet potatoes and U.S. production statistics. (PDF Format Only)
2011 Vegetable Crop Production Cost Budgets
2011 Vegetable Budgets
This report presents estimates of production costs for vegetable crops in Louisiana for the 2011 crop year.
Weed Management in Sweet Potatoes
sweet potato weed mgmt
Effective weed management is a critical aspect to successful sweet potato production since weeds compete for nutrients, water and sunlight and impair crop yield and quality. Perennial weed management, preplant burndown and in-season management included. (PDF format only)
Sweet Potato Variety Descriptions
Information about sweet potato varieties and summary data on susceptibility/resistance to common diseases. Varieties of sweet potatoes include: Evangeline Sweet Potato™, Bonita, Murasaki-29, Beauregard "B-63", Beauregard "B-14", O-Henry, Bienville, Hernandez, Heartogold, Porto Rico (PR-6), Texas Porto Rico (TX PR), Jewel,LA 07-146, Orleans .
Optimizing Soil Moisture and Irrigation Management
sweet potatoes
Lack of adequate soil moisture is a limiting variable in sweet potato production. There have been many examples of nearly 100 percent yield loss for whole fields of sweet potatoes. Use these irrigation management tips and methods to optimize the soil moisture in your sweet potato crop. (PDF Format only)
Nitrogen Management in Louisiana Sweet Potatoes
sweet potato
Sustainable and profitable commercial sweet potato production requires proper management of nitrogen fertilizer. Inadequate or excessive amounts of nitrogen fertilizer can be detrimental to a sweet potato crop and can negatively affect yield potential. What Amount of Nitrogen Fertilizer Does My Sweet Potato Crop Need? When Should Nitrogen Be Applied? How Should a Sweet Potato Crop Look 30 Days After Transplanting? Find these answers and more in this publication. (PDF Format Only)
Storage Root Initiation
sweet potatoes
The first in a series of publications focusing on improving sweet potato production efficiency. This publication describes sweet potato root initiation and the various factors that may affect this process. (PDF format only)