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Sugarcane Winter Weed Control
Sugarcane weed management

Weed control in late winter and early spring is critical to sugarcane production. If not removed from fields, winter weeds can slow warming and drying of sugarcane rows, interfere with cultivation, and slow emergence and early season growth of sugarcane.

Sugarcane Fallow Weed Control Program - Producer Decision Aid
Sugarcane Fallow Weed Control Decision Aid

This producer decision aid is a spreadsheet-based farm planning tool for sugarcane growers use in estimating costs of fallow programs. Tillage/herbicide combinations in a sugarcane fallow program can be entered into the model and total variable cost per acre for the fallow program will be estimated based upon data entered.

The Weed Patch
The Weed Patch 03-2009

This article "Control of Sugarcane with Glyphosate: Non-Crop Fallow Programs and No-Tillage Soybeans” will be of value in planning weed control programs. A meeting with your county agent, consultant, or crop advisor may help to develop or to fine tune a weed control program specific to your needs. Dr. Jim Griffin is with the LSU AgCenter in the School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences and has research and extension responsibilities in sugarcane weed management.

Louisiana Suggested Chemical Weed Management Guide
weed guide

This 2015 guide includes helpful information on herbicides and weed control with detailed suggestions for aquatics, commercial nursery stock, field crops, forestry, fruit crops, home gardens, lawns and many other Louisiana crops. It includes information on different types of herbicide registrations, as well as information on herbicide labels and restricted uses. Also included are sprayer calibration techniques, suggestions for reducing herbicide drift and a guide to proper spray tip selection.

Nutsedge Control in Sugarcane
Nutsedge is probably the most difficult weed to control in sugarcane. The most effective means to control nutsedge is through a foliar treatment that is safe to sugarcane.
Johnsongrass Control with Asulox and Envoke
 Johnsongrass Control with Asulox and Envoke
Johnsongrass is one of the most important noxious weeds found in sugarcane grown in Louisiana. Johnsongrass can emerge from seeds germinating in the soil and from underground rhizomes. To control Johnsongrass after it has emerged requires use of Asulox/Asulam, either alone or in combination with Envoke. The attached article, The Weed Patch, sites programs using these herbicides for the control of Johnsongrass.
Calibration of Sugarcane Sprayers
Sugarcane Sprayer Calibration
This publication lists procedures and specific examples of how to calibrate sugarcane sprayers. (PDF format only)