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Economic Value of Prescribed Burning to the Louisiana Sugarcane Industry
prescribed burning

In Louisiana, prescribed burning is widely used in sugarcane production to reduce the amount of excess plant material associated with the harvest, transportation and processing of sugarcane into raw sugar and molasses. The annual economic value of prescribed burning to the Louisiana sugarcane industry is estimated to be approximately $120 million per year. (PDF Format Only)

Sugarcane Production Handbook
sugarcane handbook

This publication provides information to help growers make management decisions. (PDF format only)

Mexican Rice Borer Identification Card
mexican rice borer

The Mexican rice borer is a devastating pest of sugarcane and a serious pest of rice. It was first collected in Louisiana in two pheromone traps on Dec. 15, 2008, near two rice fields northwest of Vinton, La. Identification, injury, scouting and management infomation included. (PDF Format Only)

Louisiana Sugarcane Variety Identification Guide
sugarcane variety id

Sugarcane varieties are the lifeblood of the Louisiana sugarcane industry. Variety diversification is essential in the survival of the sugarcane industry in Louisiana. This publication is designed to help growers learn to identify sugarcane varieties. Color photos included. (PDF format only)

Louisiana Sugarcane Burning
Louisiana Sugarcane Burning
Why is the sugarcane industry important to Louisiana? Why do farmers burn sugarcane in the first place? What are the benefits of burning sugarcane? Find these answers and more. (PDF Format Only)
Sugarcane Yearly Crop Rotation Poster
sugarcane crop rotation
A sugarcane planting can produce up to four crops. This 11-inch-by-17-inch poster shows the sugarcane planting cycle for years one through four. (PDF format only)
Estimating Brix Values To Improve Sugarcane Quality
This publication includes information on the process of brixing and how it can help improve sugarcane quality. It also includes information on the correct treatments for your fields with the highest brix. (PDF Format Only)
Calibration of Sugarcane Sprayers
Sugarcane Sprayer Calibration
This publication lists procedures and specific examples of how to calibrate sugarcane sprayers. (PDF format only)