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Economic Value of Prescribed Burning to the Louisiana Sugarcane Industry
Economic Benefit of Prescribed Sugarcane Burning

This report presents an estimate of the economic value of prescribed burning to the Louisiana sugarcane industry. Four important benefits of prescribed sugarcane burning were valued at an annual benefit of approximately $120 million per year.

Prescribe Burn Plan Worksheet
Burning sugarcane on the heap row.

A prescribe burn plan should be completed by each grower before the harvest season. One plan can be completed for an entire farm or for an individual field. All information needed to plan and conduct a burn and for comments concerning the burn is contained in the form. The plan was devised to help farm operators control the burning of sugarcane to lessen their impact on public health and welfare, which includes pre-burn considerations and weather information.

Certified Prescribed Burn Manager Program for Sugarcane
Sugarcane burning at harvesting

A Certified Prescribed Burn Manager (CPBM) is an individual who successfully completes a Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) approved certification training program, passes a written test, has performed five sugarcane burns successfully and is certified by the LDAF.

Louisiana Smoke Management Guidelines for Sugarcane Harvesting
photo of Sugarcane Burning

These guidelines are intended to help manage smoke and ash from sugarcane prescribed burning operations to lessen their impact on public health and welfare.

Prescribed Burns Help the Sugarcane Industry and Reduce Smoke and Ash Problems
Cane Burn
The ability of farmers to burn sugarcane is a significant economic factor for the state’s sugarcane industry. Burning of sugarcane before harvest eliminates from 30 percent to 50 percent of the leafy trash (residue), which constitutes from 20 percent to 25 percent of the total weight of the plant.
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