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RSD Testing Helps Keep Sugarcane Healthy
RSD Microscopic Image

Ratoon stunting disease (RSD) has been a long-time problem for the Louisiana sugarcane industry. Disease levels are down now due to more effective healthy seedcane programs and disease monitoring provided by the LSU AgCenter Sugarcane Disease Detection Lab. Learn more about RSD and disease testing in this article.

Public and Private Sector Partnership Provides Control of Damaging Sugarcane Disease
Ratoon stunting disease in sugarcane

During the last 15 years an alternative program has been developed through a partnership between the LSU AgCenter and a private company using tissue culture, or micropropagation, to produce healthy seedcane for farmers. The Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station (LAES) was involved in initial evaluations of "Kleentek*" seedcane.

Best Management Practices for Minimizing the Impact of Brown Rust in Sugarcane
Brown Rust disease of sugarcane.

Brown rust in sugarcane is becoming an ever-increasing problem in Louisiana. Best management practices are listed to minimize the harmful effects of brown rust on sugarcane in Louisiana.