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Sugarcane Ripener Recommendations - Glyphosate
Sugarcane Ripener Recommendations for a Glyphosate Program

The use of ripeners in sugarcane prior to harvest is helpful for increasing sucrose content in early harvested sugarcane. The following recommendations provide information on the use of glyphosate products for ripening sugarcane in Louisiana.

Boiling Optimization Program
Boiling Optimization Program

This is to report on the activities related to the boiling program from August 2000 to February 2001. A brief account is given of the accomplishments as well as comments where the actual work deviated from the tentative plans.

Sugarcane Rind Shows Promise As Potential Building Material Component
Dr. Qinglin Wu (left) and Dr. Richard Vlosky examine a piece of oriented strand board Wu fabricated in his laboratory at the LSU AgCenter. The OSB is composed of 50 percent sugarcane rind, and the researchers say it is significantly stronger than OSB made from wood alone.

LSU AgCenter researchers recently completed a study that examines the marketing and economic feasibility of using sugarcane rind as a supplemental raw material for manufacturing oriented strand board (OSB) and similar products.