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Southern Stem Blight
Southern stem blight.

Southern stem blight occurs on a wide range of host plants, including soybeans. Soybean losses due to this disease vary considerably, with damage occurring as scattered localized areas of dead plants.

Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot
Phytophthora root and stem rot.

This soil borne disease is largely confined to poorly drained clay soils, but may occur on other soils. Severe plant losses and yield reductions are common in susceptible cultivars.

Other Non-parasitic Diseases
Information other non-parasitic soybean diseases, such as lightning damage and rhizobium induced chlorosis.

Stem Canker
Stem canker.

Stem canker has caused widespread damage in the southwestern United States in recent years. The disease can be very destructive because it kills plants from flowering to maturity.

Anthracnose occurs in all major soybean growing areas of the world. The disease reduces stands, seed quality and yields.
Pod and Stem Blight
Pod and stem blight.
Pod and stem blight occurs in every soybean producing area of the United States. It is a major cause of seed damage, resulting in poor seed quality.
Soybean Mosaic
Soybean mosaic is caused by soybean mosaic virus (SMV) and is the most widely distributed virus diseases of soybeans. It is spread by planting diseased seed and by at least 31 species of aphids.
Peanut Mottle
Peanut mottle is caused by the peanut mottle virus (PMV). It was first observed in 1971 and is the most common virus disease of soybeans in Georgia.
Bud Blight
Bud blight tobacco ringspot.
Bud blight, caused by the tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV), can be a serious disease of soybeans.
Bean Pod Mottle
Bean pod mottle.
Information about the soybean disease, Bean pod mottle.
Herbicide Injury
Information about herbicide injury, including dinitroaniline herbicides, triazine herbicides,phenoxoy/benzoic acid herbicides, lightening damage, rhizobium induced chlorosis.
Air Pollution
Information about air pollution, including ozone and sulfur dioxide.
Nutrient Disorders
Information about the nutrient disorders, potassium deficiency and manganese toxicity.
Soybean Disease Atlas Photo Galleries
This is a collection of soybean disease photographs to help diagnose and understand soybean diseases found in Louisiana.