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Rice Acreage Maps
Louisiana rice acreage maps by category starting with 1999.
Louisiana Rice Acreage by Variety
Tables listing Louisiana rice varieties by category starting with 1999.
dissected and labeled grass spikelet
Parts Of Grass Spikelet
A photograph of a labeled grass spikelet. By definition a grass spikelet is the unit of the inflorscence of a grass, a member of the Poaceae or Gramineae family of plants. It consists of two glumes and one or more florets.
rice varieties pub
Rice Varieties and Management Tips
2015 recommendations for rice varieties and management tips for them. Decisions about rice varieties are some of the most critical you will make, and those deicisions have to be made early each year. The information in this publication will help you decide which rice varieties are best suited to your particular growing conditions. (PDF Format Only)
rice production hand book
Rice Production Handbook
Rice is one of the world’s most important cereal crops. Rice and wheat together make up the majority of the world’s source of calories. They feed the world. Information on general agronomic guidelines, varieties, soils, plant nutrition, fertilization, rice drying, economics and weed, disease and pest management. (Individual chapter pdfs are located at the bottom of the page.)
Soil Samples Analyses and Interpretation
Soil Testing and Analyses
A series of PowerPoint slides explaining several aspects of soil testing, analysis and interpretation of results.
Rice Harvest Cost
Estimating Rice Combine Harvest Cost: Performance Rate, Capital Cost, Operating Cost
Harvest equipment represents a major crop production expense for most rice farming operations. This report presents information on estimating rice combine harvest cost as well as a users' guide to the related Excel-based rice combine harvest cost producer decision tool.
Rice Field Notes 2014
Photographs and accompanying text describing verification field harvest, herbicide injury to rice and creeping burhead in rice.
Economic Impact of Pipelines on Rice Farming Operations
Economic Impact of Underground Pipelines on Rice Farming Operations
This report provides some examples of additional external costs incurred by rice farming operations related to the installation and existence of underground hazardous liquid and natural gas transmission pipelines in the southwest Louisiana rice-growing area.
Rice Drying on the Farm
Rice Drying
This publication provides general information on rice drying as an aid to the producer who desires to store and dry on his farm.
Rice County Agents by Parish
The agents are your local contact for all rice-related information produced by the LSU AgCenter.
Rice Faculty
A list of extension and research faculty to whom questions about rice may be addressed.
AgCenter Rice Faculty
A list of extension and research faculty to whom questions about rice may be addressed.
Louisiana Rice Research Board 2014
From my end of the levee, there are several ways to determine value. One way that we use almost unconsciously is in the marketplace -- buying and selling of things.
Mannagrass spikelets
Mannagrass (Glyceria declinata)
Photographs of mannagrass (Glyeria declinata) and some of its parts.
Rice Stem Rot Disease Management.
Rice Stem Rot Disease Management 2012
Prepared by Don Groth, Professor, LSU AgCenter Rice Research Station, Crowley, LA and Clayton Hollier, Professor, LSU AgCenter, Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, Baton Rouge LA.
rice weed
Amazon Sprangletop
Insert description here.
rice weed
Alligator Weed
Insert description here
Meeting st landry
Planning St. Landry and Evangeline Parish demos
Met with cooperators in Evangeline and St. Landry parishes to discuss crop treatments and timing.
Planning meeting
Planning demonstration site in Vermilion Parish
Met with Stuart Gaythier, Alden Horton, and Richard Hardee to plan rice planting and treatments
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