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Rice Disease Management Powerpoint Presentations

Understanding the epidemiology and management of the major rice diseases using host resistance, cultural management, and chemical control.  Diseases included are sheath blight, blast, stem rot, bacterial panicle blight, grain smuts, the Cercospora complex, seed rot, and water mold.
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FilenameDescriptionFile Size
Bacterial+panicle+blight+Management.pdf Bacterial Panicle Blight Management 1,489.97 KB
Blast+management.pdf Blast Management 1,481.46 KB
Cercospora+Management.pdf Cercospora Management 1,227.57 KB
False+and+kernel+smut+disease+management.pdf False and Kernel Smut Management 852.99 KB
Sheath+Blight+Management.pdf Sheath Blight Management 1,841.78 KB
Stem+rot+management.pdf Stem Rot Management 855.15 KB
Water+mold+and+seedling+disease+management.pdf Water Mold and Seedling Disease Management 674.53 KB
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