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Cotton Variety Trials & Production Guidelines
Each year the LSU AgCenter tests commercial cotton hybrids entered in the state yield tests by private seed companies. From these, a grower should choose several that are adapted to an individual farm. Information in the tables should help you make these important decisions.
2012 Soybean Variety Performance Trials
Applications are being accepted applications for the 2012 Soybean Variety Preformance Trial.
Soybean Variety Yields and Production Practices
2014 Recommendations. Each year the LSU AgCenter tests commercial soybean varieties that are entered in yield tests by private seed companies. This publication provides information about results of those tests at various locations across the state. For best results using this guide, refer to the tables for variety yield results and pick the location fitting your situation -- or if your farm does not fit any location, choose varieties that performed well at multiple locations. (PDF Format Only)
Louisiana watermelons
Results of Seedless Watermelon Variety Demonstration Plots, Summer of 2009
The results of demonstration plots of 16 seedless watermelon varieties planted at six locations across the state.
Results of TSWV-resistant Tomato Variety Demonstration Plots in 2009
Results of 11 TSWV-resistant tomato varieties planted at seven different locations across Louisiana in the summer of 2009.
2007 Extension Demonstrations
This page contains the 2007 extension demonstration data.
A Green Idea
Louisiana Institute for Biofuels and Bioprocessing
The Louisiana Institute for Biofuels and Bioprocessing (LIBBi) is a research, education and outreach initiative within the LSU AgCenter. Through innovative discovery and strategic industry partnership, the institute provides a science-based road map to support new biofuels and bioprocessing enterprises and to prioritize pathways for mainstream integration of biorefining industries.
LIBBi Board Members
The board members for Louisiana Institue for Biofuels and Bioproducts (LIBBi) comprise stakeholders and experts in the field with an arms-length relation to the project participants. The board members provide a global view on the overall impact of the different projects and help to provide regular guidance to the project director.
Click here for PDF version of July 2013 Sugarcane Newsletter.
Sugarcane Variety Focus - July 2013
There are seven sugarcane varieties recommended for plantingin 2013. The newsletter presents data and other information important in the variety selection decisions.
Changes in Sugarcane Production Costs
Changes in Sugarcane Production Costs and Returns in Louisiana, 2004-2008
This report highlights changes in the costs of producing sugarcane in Louisiana over the 2004-2008 period. Comparisons are made between production costs per pound of raw sugar produced and the average net price for raw sugar received by growers.
Sugarcane burning at harvesting
Certified Prescribed Burn Manager Program for Sugarcane
A Certified Prescribed Burn Manager (CPBM) is an individual who successfully completes a Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) approved certification training program, passes a written test, has performed five sugarcane burns successfully and is certified by the LDAF.
Rice Drying on the Farm
Rice Drying
This publication provides general information on rice drying as an aid to the producer who desires to store and dry on his farm.
Hurricane Isaac Sugarcane Update (PDF version).
Hurricane Isaac Sugarcane Update
Hurricane Isaac hit the Louisiana coast on August 29, 2012. This newsletter summarizes the effect of Hurricane Isaac on the Louisiana sugar industry.
Kenneth Gravois
New Varieties, Energy Cane Highlight LSU AgCenter Sugarcane Field Day
Two new sugarcane varieties released earlier this year and "energy cane" were featured at the LSU AgCenter’s annual sugarcane field day on July 19 at the Sugar Research Station at St. Gabriel.
Rice County Agents by Parish
The agents are your local contact for all rice-related information produced by the LSU AgCenter.
Research May Reduce Cost Of Growing Tomatoes In Greenhouses
BOSSIER CITY – Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse may be less costly in the future. Dr. H.Y. Hanna, an LSU AgCenter scientist working at the Red River Research Station in Bossier City, is studying how spacing between bags that hold the plants affects the amount of heat required to produce tomatoes in greenhouses.
Jackie Loewer, Chairman
From the 2014 Louisiana Rice Research Board
There are several ways to determine value. One way that we use almost unconsciously is in the marketplace -- buying and selling of things.
Rice Faculty
A list of extension and research faculty to whom questions about rice may be addressed.
AgCenter Rice Faculty
A list of extension and research faculty to whom questions about rice may be addressed.
Entomology graduate student Bryce Blackman counts stink bugs in a sweep net
Entomologist finding newly registered insecticides less toxic to crawfish
LSU AgCenter entomologist Dr.Mike Stout says testing of insecticides is showing newly registered insecticides are far less toxic to crawfish than pyrethroids
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