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Results of TSWV-resistant Tomato Variety Demonstration Plots in 2009
Results of 11 TSWV-resistant tomato varieties planted at seven different locations across Louisiana in the summer of 2009.
2012 Soybean Variety Performance Trials
Applications are being accepted applications for the 2012 Soybean Variety Preformance Trial.
Cotton Variety Trials & Production Guidelines
Each year the LSU AgCenter tests commercial cotton hybrids entered in the state yield tests by private seed companies. From these, a grower should choose several that are adapted to an individual farm. Information in the tables should help you make these important decisions.
Soybean Variety Yields and Production Practices
2014 Recommendations. Each year the LSU AgCenter tests commercial soybean varieties that are entered in yield tests by private seed companies. This publication provides information about results of those tests at various locations across the state. For best results using this guide, refer to the tables for variety yield results and pick the location fitting your situation -- or if your farm does not fit any location, choose varieties that performed well at multiple locations. (PDF Format Only)
Nutsedge Control in Sugarcane
Nutsedge is probably the most difficult weed to control in sugarcane. The most effective means to control nutsedge is through a foliar treatment that is safe to sugarcane.
2014 Soybean Extension Demonstrations
Soybean Extension Demonstrations
Sweet Potatoes
The Sweet Truth about Sweet Potato Production in Louisiana
How do sweet potatoes get from the field to your table? This video explains the amazing multi-step, labor intensive process to producing sweet potatoes. It's your chance to learn the "sweet truth" about sweet potato production in Louisiana.
2011 Vegetable Budgets
2011 Vegetable Crop Production Cost Budgets
This report presents estimates of production costs for vegetable crops in Louisiana for the 2011 crop year.
sweet potato weed mgmt
Weed Management in Sweet Potatoes
Effective weed management is a critical aspect to successful sweet potato production since weeds compete for nutrients, water and sunlight and impair crop yield and quality. Perennial weed management, preplant burndown and in-season management included. (PDF format only)
Disaster Recovery October 5, 2005
Disaster Recovery: Assessment of Agricultural Damage Caused by Hurricane Rita
After Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana on August 29, 2005, the AgCenter quickly began to assess the damage caused to the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries. Since those initial estimates, the AgCenter has refined its projections and now pegs the total economic impact due to losses in revenue and additional production costs at slightly over $1.0 billion.
Farmers attending workshop on options after storms
Meetings Bring Farmers Together To Consider Options After Storms
Farmers attending workshops in Acadia and Calcasieu parishes Tuesday (Oct. 25) learned about assistance for dealing with hardships caused by two hurricanes that struck the state this summer. Similar sessions, organized by the LSU AgCenter, were planned for New Iberia, Hammond and Raceland over the next few days.
2013 Soybean Extension Demonstrations
Extension demonstrations are conducted annually in numerous parishes. The objectives of these demonstrations are to evaluate new varieties and continue evaluating proven or recommended varieties under “real world” situations.
2012 Louisian soybean and grain report
Louisiana Soybean & Grain Research & Promotion Board Report
Since 2005, the Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board has provided monies for an AgCenter Communications project to develop a research report highlighting board-funded projects. This publication serves as a report to soybean and small grain producers about the results from LSU AgCenter projects that their check-off dollars funded. It also serves as a marketing piece for the board and grain industry.
2009 Extension Demonstrations
2009 Extension Demonstrations
sweet potatoes
Optimizing Soil Moisture and Irrigation Management
Lack of adequate soil moisture is a limiting variable in sweet potato production. There have been many examples of nearly 100 percent yield loss for whole fields of sweet potatoes. Use these irrigation management tips and methods to optimize the soil moisture in your sweet potato crop. (PDF Format only)
Sugarcane beetle chewing on the crown of the rice plant.
Sugarcane Beetle
Sugarcane beetle chewing on the crown of the rice plant.
Howard Cormier speaks at meeting about possible salt contamination of soil in Vermilion Parish
Salt Contamination Of Soil After Rita May Not Be As Bad As Feared; Tests To Begin This Week
The LSU AgCenter soon will begin comprehensive tests for salt contamination in areas of Vermilion Parish hit by Hurricane Rita’s storm surge, but officials this week said the problem may not be as bad as originally feared.
Current Recommendations for Corn Varieties
Corn Variety Trials and Recommendations
Corn Variety Trials and Recommendations
Variety Trials
Each year the LSU AgCenter tests commercial grain sorghum hybrids entered in the state yield tests by private seed companies. From these, a grower should choose several that are adapted to an individual farm. Information in the tables should help you make these important decisions
Crops Variety Trials & Production Guidelines
Information about variety trials & production guidelines for corn, soybean, sorghum, and small grain.
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