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Results of TSWV-resistant Tomato Variety Demonstration Plots in 2009
Results of 11 TSWV-resistant tomato varieties planted at seven different locations across Louisiana in the summer of 2009.
2012 Soybean Variety Performance Trials
Applications are being accepted applications for the 2012 Soybean Variety Preformance Trial.
Cotton Variety Trials & Production Guidelines
Each year the LSU AgCenter tests commercial cotton hybrids entered in the state yield tests by private seed companies. From these, a grower should choose several that are adapted to an individual farm. Information in the tables should help you make these important decisions.
Soybean Variety Yields and Production Practices
2014 Recommendations. Each year the LSU AgCenter tests commercial soybean varieties that are entered in yield tests by private seed companies. This publication provides information about results of those tests at various locations across the state. For best results using this guide, refer to the tables for variety yield results and pick the location fitting your situation -- or if your farm does not fit any location, choose varieties that performed well at multiple locations. (PDF Format Only)
Rice Field Notes 2014
Photographs and accompanying text describing progress of verification field harvest and Blazer herbicide injury on rice.
Wheat Field
2014 Small Grain Performance Trials
A listing of the 2014 Wheat & Oat Performance Trials.
Wheat Harvest
Small Grain Variety Trials & Recommendations
This page contains the small grain variety trials research reports & recommendations.
Board of Regents Proposal
The Louisiana Institute for Biofuels and Bioprocessing will be a research, education, and outreach initiative within the LSU Agricultural Center.
Sugarcane Aphid Control – Small Plot Insecticide Test
Sugarcane Aphid Control - Small Plot Insecticide Test
Nine insecticide treatments were evaluated for control of two aphid pest species in sugarcane: the sugarcane aphid (WSA) and the yellow sugarcane aphid (YSA).
Pilot Scale Data of Breakthrough Fermentation and Extraction Process Passes Key Milestones for Commercial Scaleup
Donal Day of the LSU AgCenter works with SynGest Inc. and Unitel Technologies Inc. to create the Optinol process, a process designed produce bio-butanol at a cost that is equal to that of creating ethanol.
2012 Small Grain Performance Trials
2014 Small Grain Performance Trials
Small grain variety trials are conducted annually by scientists of the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station to evaluate grain yield, agronomic performance and disease reaction of varieties and advanced lines. The trials are conducted at seven LAES research stations representative of the major soil and climate regions of the state. Entries are included in the trials based upon previous performance or at the request of the originating agency.
Sugarcane Ripener Recommendations - Moddus Program
Sugarcane Ripener Recommendations - Moddus Program
The use of ripeners in sugarcane prior to harvest is helpful for increasing sucrose content in early harvested sugarcane. The following recommendations provide information for the use of Moddus for ripening sugarcane in Louisiana
Rice Harvest Cost
Estimating Rice Combine Harvest Cost: Performance Rate, Capital Cost, Operating Cost
Harvest equipment represents a major crop production expense for most rice farming operations. This report presents information on estimating rice combine harvest cost as well as a users' guide to the related Excel-based rice combine harvest cost producer decision tool.
Good watermelon crop
Results of Seeded Watermelons Variety Demonstration Plot in the Summer of 2008
Eighteen varieties of seeded watermelons were planted at three locations in the spring of 2008. The melons were evaluated at each location. The information was analyzed and the top varieties were selected.
2014 Northeast Louisiana Projected Crop Budgets
Projected Production Costs for Cotton, Soybeans, Corn, Grain Sorghum and Wheat Production in Louisiana, 2014
This report presents estimates of projected production costs for cotton, soybeans, corn, grain sorghum and wheat for the 2014 crop year.
Sorghum Links
This page contains some important sorghum links.
Hand Refractometer
Sugarcane Ripeners
The application of ripeners to the sugarcane crop can enhance sugar yields in Louisiana. The wise use of ripeners based on research-based recommendations will maximize sugar yield for the entire crop cycle.
2006 Extension Demonstrations
This page contains the 2006 extension demonstration data.
2005 Extension Demonstrations
This page contains the 2005 extension demonstration data.
2004 Extension Demonstrations
This page contains the 2004 extension demonstration data.
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