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Corn Hybrids for Grain
ears of corn

2015 Recommendations. Corn seed manufacturers provided 74 hybrids that were part of the official variety trials on several LSU AgCenter research stations during 2014. Five variety trials were conducted at four AgCenter research stations on soils that included a Commerce silt loam and Sharkey clay at the AgCenter’s Northeast Research Station.. (PDF Format Only)

Grain Drying Basics
Material presented to parish agents on the general concept of grain drying and stored-grain pest management.

Biomass Energy Resources in Louisiana
Biomass Energy

A description of how biomass is being used for energy in Louisiana with an emphasis on the potential for expansion in the industry. (PDF format only)

Chinch Bugs as a Pest of Corn and Grain Sorghum
Chinch Bugs as a Pest of Corn and Grain Sorghum

The chinch bug is commonly found in all areas of Louisiana feeding on a variety of grass crops and wild grasses. In some years it is an economic pest on corn and grain sorghum, especially if high populations migrate into these crops in the early spring when plants are young. To prevent stand loss and yield reductions, it is important to understand the biology and behavior of this pest as it relates to corn and grain sorghum.