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Chinch Bugs as a Pest of Corn and Grain Sorghum
Chinch Bugs as a Pest of Corn and Grain Sorghum
The chinch bug is commonly found in all areas of Louisiana feeding on a variety of grass crops and wild grasses. In some years it is an economic pest on corn and grain sorghum, especially if high populations migrate into these crops in the early spring when plants are young. To prevent stand loss and yield reductions, it is important to understand the biology and behavior of this pest as it relates to corn and grain sorghum.
Performance of Corn Hybrids in Louisiana 2009
Performance of Corn Hybrids in Louisiana 2009
Performance of corn hybrids is annually evaluated by Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station (LAES) researchers. The purpose of these trials is to provide to Louisiana growers, seedsmen, county agents of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service (LCES) and other interested individuals and organizations with unbiased performance data for commercial corn hybrids submitted for evaluation by private agencies.The cooperating LAES units in 2009 were: Dean Lee Research Station, Alexandria; Red R
disease mgmt guide
Plant Disease Management Guide
This guide for 2015 contains suggestions for management of the most important or more prevalent diseases of Louisiana plants. It includes information on fungicides, bactericides and nematicides, as well as safety precautions for using them.
Corn variety
Selecting a corn vareity
(Distributed 02/07/11) John Kruse explains some important issues to consider when selecting a corn variety. (Runtime: 4:03)
Soil concerns
Soil Issues related to corn production
(Distributed 02/07/11) John Kruse discusses some soil issues related to corn production.
Current Recommendations for Corn Varieties
Corn Variety Trials and Recommendations
Corn Variety Trials and Recommendations
14 Corn Core Block Demonstrations
Corn hybrid trials throughout the Louisiana parishes.
Cover for Corn Hybrids
Performance of Corn Hybrids in Louisiana 2013
Annual Performance of Corn Hybrids for 2013. The results from these trials and the OVT's provides information to the grower to help in hybrid selection for their farm.
2009 Extension Demonstrations
2009 Extension Demonstrations
2006 Extension Demonstrations
This page contains the 2006 extension demonstration data.
2005 Extension Demonstrations
This page contains the 2005 extension demonstration data.
2004 Extension Demonstrations
This page contains the 2004 extension demonstration data.
2007 Extension Demonstrations
This page contains the 2007 extension demonstration data.
Aerial Applicators
Aerial Applicators Important; ‘Clinics’ Help With Efficiency
(Distributed03/27/03) Rice planting has begun in South Louisiana, but many farmers in the central and northern parts of the state are looking for options because they’ve been delayed by persistent rains and wet field conditions. That’s where the state’s aerial applicators – pilots with specially equipped aircraft – come in. And many of those aerial applicators take advantage of LSU AgCenter services that help them check their equipment.
Irrigation Pond Saves Groundwater
Irrigation ponds can irrigate fields during the summer without resorting to pumping water from wells.
Louisiana Crops Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1
Louisiana Crops Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1
A newsletter straight from LSU AgCenter crops specialists: Valuable and timely information on cotton, corn, soybeans and grain sorghum.
Extension Demonstrations
Extension demonstrations are conducted annually in numerous parishes. The objective of these demonstrations is to evaluate new varieties and continue to evaluate proven or recommended varieties under real situations. These large-scale demonstrations are conducted primarily by the parish county agent with assistance from the state specialist and seed dealers.
Corn Hybrid Core Block Trials
Listing of corn hybrid core block trails by parish.
2007 Corn Hybrids Performance Trials
This page contains the grain corn hybrids performance trials research summaries for the year 2007
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