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Citrus and Freezing Temperatures
The cold weather we typically receive December through January can cause problems for home and commercial citrus in our area. It is important to know the critical temperatures and the factors affecting them.

Louisiana Plant Pathology: Citrus Scab and Sweet Orange Scab
citrus scab

Two scab diseases routinely affect citrus in Louisiana. Citrus scab (also called common citrus scab or sour orange scab) has been present in the state for many years. In contrast, sweet orange scab was identified in Louisiana and Texas for the first time during the summer of 2010. This publication describes how to identify and manage these diseases. (PDF Format Only)

How to scout for the citrus leafminer

This video will teach you how to scout your citrus trees for citrus leafminer.

How to scout for Diaprepes root weevil
Adult weevil

This short video will show you how to scout for the Diaprepes root weevil. Video was shot on location in Buras, La., (Plaquemines Parish) in an infested citrus grove.

How to scout for the asian citrus psyllid and greening disease
Asian citrus psyllid on leaf
This video will teach you how to scout your citrus trees for the asian citrus psyllid and greening disease.
Citrus Leaf Miner Management
Damage caused by the citrus leafminer
Citrus trees that survived hurricane damage may have lost significant amounts of foliage. These trees could experience a strong flush as they start their own healing process. This is very important because new foliage will provide nutrients needed for winter survival and faster tree recovery. Producers must implement practices to protect from additional leaf loss which can be caused by the citrus leafminer.
Powerpoint about insects and mites that attack commercial citrus groves.
sooty mold
This powerpoint presentation includes pictures of insects and mites that attack commercial citrus groves in Louisiana. It also discusses a recommended insecticide plan to control these insects and mites to minimize their impact on yield in citrus groves. Be sure to check and make sure all chemicals that are recommended are currently labeled before applying them to citrus trees.
Powerpoint presentation on insects and mites that attack backyard citrus
citrus blackfly
This presentation includes a number of pictures of insects and mites that attack backyard citrus in Louisiana. It also includes current recommendations for control. Note that you should check to make sure that all insecticides are currently labeled before using them on your citrus.
Insects that attack citrus in Louisiana
Citrus blackfly and wooly whitefly
This gallery includes pictures of insects that attack citrus in Louisiana, such as: woolly white flies, citrus blackfly nymphs and adults, citrus leafminers, Western leaf-footed bugs, Mealybugs, and orange-dog caterpillars.
AgCenter Faculty Meet In ‘Food Summit’
Stressing that production agriculture alone is not enough to sustain rural economies, a leading food science expert said farm productivity needs to be converted to consumer-ready products.