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Corn Hybrids for Grain
ears of corn

2015 Recommendations. Corn seed manufacturers provided 74 hybrids that were part of the official variety trials on several LSU AgCenter research stations during 2014. Five variety trials were conducted at four AgCenter research stations on soils that included a Commerce silt loam and Sharkey clay at the AgCenter’s Northeast Research Station.. (PDF Format Only)

Wheat and Oat Weed, Insect and Disease Field Guide
wheat and oat field guide

For the Louisiana wheat and oat industry to remain viable, it is essential that producers and consultants be able to identify and manage existing and emerging weed, insect and disease issues. To meet this need, the Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board provided support through checkoff funds to develop this pocket field guide.

Sweet Sorghum Production
sweet sorghum

The U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 renewed interest in use of agricultural crops as a feedstock for biofuel. Among them, sweet sorghum has received attention as a potential biofuel crop because the sap from the plant is relatively high in fermentable sugars. Sweet sorghum is related to grain sorghum but has been developed for greater production of sugar and biomass. (PDF format only)

Double-cropping Cotton and Wheat in Louisiana
doublecropping cotton and wheat

Wheat acreage in Louisiana has increased significantly because of higher wheat prices. With the increase in wheat acreage, interest has risen considerably in double-cropping cotton after wheat is harvested. Recommendations for growing cotton in a double-cropped production system with wheat in 2007 are included. (PDF format only)

Suggestions for Managing Weeds in Wheat
weeds in wheat
Weed management in wheat usually is relatively simple compared to other agronomic crops, but it still requires some planning. (PDF format only)
Grain Sorghum Hybrids
2013 recommendations. This information will help Louisiana producers choose grain sorghum hybrids that have displayed good yield potential and agronomic performance. The LSU AgCenter conducts yearly grain sorghum hybrid yield tests at several locations in Louisiana. This is done to provide producers with unbiased information on hybrid performance under different soil types and climatic conditions. (PDF format only)