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Wheat Diseases Information

Disease damage to wheat can greatly impair productivity and sometimes destroy a crop.

Direct losses to disease include reduction in plant stands, lodging, spotted kernels, and fewer and smaller grains per plant and a general reduction in plant efficiency.

Indirect losses include the cost of fungicides used to manage disease, application costs, reduced yields associated with special cultural practices that reduce disease but may not be conducive to producing maximum yields.

Disease control is based on several steps including the correct identification, understanding the disease’s epidemiology, and utilizing host resistance, cultural management, and chemical control.

Please click on the links located in the box below to obtain information on correct wheat disease scouting, identification, and management practices and additional wheat disease information.

Diagnostic Center

Disease Photo Galleries


Louisiana Plant Pathology Series (Wheat)

For additional information on wheat diseases and their control please contact:

Dr. Donald E. Groth
Research Plant Pathologist
Rice Research Station

Guy (Boyd) Padgett
Reseearch Plant Pathologist
Regional Director, Central Region

Dr. Clayton A. Hollier
Extension Plant Pathologist
Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology

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