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2011 Louisiana Grain Sorghum Hybrid Performance Trials Entry Form

The Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station is now accepting applications for the 2011 grain sorghum performance trials. Necessary information is provided below. If you have any questions, please contact the coordinator.

Test Locations
The performance trials are planned to be conducted at the following locations: 1) Central Experiment Station, Baton Rouge; 2) Dean Lee Research Station, Alexandria; 3) Macon Ridge Research Station, Winnsboro; 4) Northeast Research Station, St. Joseph; 5) Red River Research Station, Bossier City, and 6) Rice Research Station, Crowley.

Experimental Design Procedures
A randomized complete block design with four or five replications will be used at each location. Plots will be seeded at recommended rates. A soil test will be taken to determine the necessary fertilizer amendments. Herbicides and pesticides will be applied as appropriate. All pertinent data will be recorded at all locations.

Amount of Seed Required
10 pounds of high-quality seed are required for each entry. It is the responsibility of the submitting agency to ensure that seed purity and quality are acceptable. We would like all seed safened so that a grass herbicide, such as Dual, can be used in a preemerge herbicide program. We would also like all seed treated with Gaucho or a similar product.

Please click on the entry form shown below for more information.

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