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Louisiana can gain from move to biofuels

News Release Distributed 02/29/08
MONROE – As competition between food and bioenergy drives up prices of corn, soybeans and other farm commodities, Louisiana has untapped land that could be put into production for alternative crops, according to agricultural industry observers.

Marginal crop land ideal for biofuel production

(TV News 03/17/08) Bioenergy demands could provide opportunities for idle land in Louisiana. Lands not suited for growing some crops could be used to produce cleaner fuel. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard has this report. (Runtime 1 minute, 36 seconds)

Overview and Perspective: Biofuels and Bioprocessing in Louisiana
John Russin

Louisiana has long been recognized for oil and gas production.From the first producing oil well in Jennings in 1901 and the first natural gas pipeline near Shreveport in 1908, our state has matured into a globally recognized hub for recovery, processing and transportation of fossil-based fuels, chemicals and specialty products.