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LSU Pet Turtle Research and Extension Contacts
This list is comprised of contact information for pet turtle experts within the LSU Agricultural Center and the LSU - Baton Rouge campus.

Pet Turtle Production
Pet Turtle Production

Turtle farming has been practiced for decades in Louisiana. The industry developed to produce baby turtles, specifically red-earsliders (Trachemys scripta elegans), for sale as pets. This publication reviews commonly used production and marketing techniques.

Construction of Levee Ponds for Commercial Catfish Production
Construction of Levee-Type Commercial

Proper design and construction of ponds is critical to the success of a commercial catfish operation. Well-designed ponds, constructed on soil with proper clay content and adequate water supply, have a useful life of at least 10 years.

Site Selection of Levee-Type Fish Production Ponds
Site Selection of Levee-Type Fish Production Ponds

Considerable thought and planning should go into selecting sites for commercial fish production ponds. Construction costs, ease and cost of operation, and productivity can be greatly affected by the site selected.

Watershed Fish Production Ponds: Guide to Site Selection and Construction
Watershed Fish Production Ponds
To be profitable, an aquaculture pond must be sited properly and designed for efficiency. An inaccessible location, leaks in the pond, poor seining conditions, or lack of good quality water will doom an aquaculture enterprise to failure.