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A Review of Component Options
A Review of Component Options

Most fish grown in ponds, floating net pens or raceways can be reared in commercial-scale recirculating systems, but the economic feasibility of doing so is not certain. The challenge to designers of recirculating systems is to maximize production capacity per dollar of capital invested.

Greenhouse Tilapia Production in Louisiana
Greenhouse Tilapia Production in Louisiana

Information on recirculating production systems, fingerling sources, stocking and harvest management, regulatory considerations, economics and markets are included in this publication. (PDF Format Only)

An Aquaculture-Oriented Bibliography of the Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatus
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This publication was designed to serve as a guide to aquaculture-related red drum (redfish) literature. The intended audience includes red drum producers as well as potential producers, investors and lenders. (PDF Format Only)

Hybrid Striped Bass: Hatchery Phase
Hatchery Phase

General information about techniques used in hatcheries to produce hybrid striped bass are covered by this publication.

Red Drum Production: Collecting and Maintaining Wild Broodstock
Collecting and Maintaining Wild Broodstock
Efforts to collect wild broodfish for hatchery production of red drum fingerlings are usually most successful during or just before the fall spawning period, although some success may be realized at other times.
Red Drum: Production of Food Fish
Production of Food Fish
There are two methods used in the production of food-sized red drum. The more conventional method is semi-intensive culture in ponds. The other method, intensive indoor raceway culture, is unproven from an economic standpoint. This publication focuses on pond production.
Red Drum: Production of Fingerlings and Stockers
Production of Fingerlings and Stockers
Production of fingerling and stocker red drum is normally practiced by hatchery producers. At the same time, these are completely different operations and require different areas, practices and expertise. Usually the larvae are secured at an age of about 3 days, and one of two methods of production is used. Only pond culture production methods are presented here.
Red Drum: Biology and Life History
Biology and Life History
The red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) is a marine fish that naturally ranges from Central Mexico on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to Massachusetts on the Atlantic Ocean. Red drum have been taken in small numbers by commercial fishermen on the Atlantic Coast for many years, but the species is important only on the Gulf Coast.
Federal Grants Help Fund Aquaculture Research
Nine aquaculture research projects recently received nearly $293,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The grants will be used to support research with catfish, crawfish, hybrid striped bass, alligator and freshwater drum.