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Crawfish News November/December 2012
Crawfish News November/December 2012

This newsletter discusses proper procedures for monitoring your crawfish population with a dip net, projecting crawfish growth to harvest size based on emergence of young juveniles from burrows, recommendations on trap density and spacing for low-density and high-density populations, considerations to consider in early trapping and the importance of keeping good production records.

Crawfish News September/October 2012 (Vol 5, No 5)
Crawfish News September/October 2012

This newsletter discusses the management of water for fall flood-up, managing excess water from Hurricane Isaac, and understanding oxygen consumption in crawfish ponds.

Crawfish News July 2012 (Vol 5, No 4)
Crawifsh News July 2012

This newsletter discusses determining a cash land rent for farm-raised crawfish production and controlling army worms in late planted crawfish forage crops.

Crawfish News June 2012 (Vol 5, No 3)
Crawfish News June 2012

This newsletter contains information on draining ponds, pond renovation, selecting and planting forages for crawfish, liming crawfish ponds, and the potential effects of using slightly salty water on crawfish forage crops.

Crawifsh News April 2012 (Vol 5, No 2)
Crawifsh News April 2012
This newsletter covers stocking recommendations for crawfish, controlling white river crawfish in ponds, recommendations on when to stop trapping, and the estimated 2011 farm-raised and wild crawfish harvest in Louisiana.
Crawfish News March 2012 (Vol 5, No 1)
Crawfish News March 2012 (Vol 5, No 1)
This newsletter provides a explanation to the slow start of the 2011-2012 crawfish season, proper methods for handling crawfish post-harvest, managing low oxygen in crawfish ponds, and general harvest recommendations.
Crawfish News May 2011 (Vol 4, No 3)
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This newsletter provides recommendations on stocking crawfish and planting forages in preparation for the 2011-2012 crawfish farming season.
Crawfish News March 2011 (Vol 4, No 2)
Crawfish News March 2011 (Vol 4, No 2)
This newsletter recaps the season through February, discusses springtime oxygen management, crawfish growth, supplemental feeding, proper handling of the catch after harvest, and problems with nuisance algae. A status report on the crawfish rice variety "Ecrevisse" is provided and a memorial commentary on contributions to the crawfish industry by Don Gooch, former director of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Crawfish Research Center.
Crawfish News January 2011 (Vol 4, No 1)
Crawfish News January 2011 (Vol 4, No 1)
This newsletter discusses considerations in early-season crawfish harvesting, baiting strategies, control of nusiance wildlife in crawfish ponds, and dates, times and locations of upcoming crawfish producers workshops.
Crawfish News November 2010 (Vol 3, No 7)
Crawfish Newsletter November 2010 (Vol 3, No 7)
This newsletter addresses the November 10 crawfish referendum to renew the assessment on crawfish artificial bait and sacks (bags), trap spacing guidelines, dip net sampling of juvenile crawfish for population assessment, the importance of secondary juvenile crawfish recruitment to overall crawfish yield, and a frequently asked question on the relationship between trap mesh and size of crawfish harvested.
Crawfish News September 2010 (Vol 3, No 6)
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This newsletter discusses managing water for fall flood-up, the importance of BOD on water quality and oxygen management in crawfish ponds, and crawfish industry news.
Crawfish News Summer 2010 (Vol 3, No 5)
Crawfish News Summer 2010 (Vol 3, No 5)
This newsletter discusses control of armyworms in late planted crawfish forages, managing wild trash fish in crawfish ponds, the benefits of crawfish ponds as wetland habitat for waterbirds, managing excess water associated with tropical storms and hurricanes, and crawfish legislation passed in the 2010 legislative session.
Crawfish News June 2010 (Vol 3, No 4)
Crawfish News June 2010
Topics covered include when to cease harvesting and when to drain ponds, planting crawfish forages, liming of crawfish ponds, the importance of record keeping and a brief review of crawfish burrow ecology.
Crawfish News, May 2010 (Vol 3, No 3)
Crawfish News, May 2010
The May 2010 crawfish newsletter covers stocking of crawfish, controlling white river crawfish in ponds, why crawfish become "dirty" late in the production season, and recent LSU AgCenter crawfish extension publications.