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Cocahoe Minnow Production
Cocahoe Minnow Production Manual

This production manual provides an overview and summary of the best practices for growing cocahoe minnows as bait.

Cocahoe Minnow Legal Fact Sheet
Legal Fact Sheet Image

In order to raise and sell cocahoe minnows, there are several legal considerations. This fact sheet covers some of them.

Cocahoe Minnow Production Manual
Cocahoe Minnow Production Manual

A comprehensive guide to culturing cocahoe minnows. This manual covers topics including spawning, feeding, disease, water quality, best handling practices, production economics, vendor contact information and more.

Production Scenario Calculator
Production Scenario Excel

Plug your own numbers into this Excel sheet to get relative estimate for different production scenarios. Disclaimer: the numbers generated are a rough estimate and interested parties should get in touch with the point of contact for a more detailed analysis.

Cocahoe Minnow Economics
Economics Fact Sheet
This fact sheet explores the economics behind different production scenarios showing which methods may be the most and least profitable.
Production Systems
Production Systems
This fact sheet outlines some of the more common cocahoe culture systems.
Cocahoe Minnow Feeding and Nutrition
Cocahoe Feeding and Nutrition
Feeding is one of the most important factors in minnow production. This fact sheet addresses the best feeding practices to ensure growth and good health.
Cocahoe Minnow Disease Fact Sheet
Disease Fact Sheet
There are a number of diseases and symptoms that cocahoe minnows can develop in a culture situation. This fact sheet addresses some of the more common issues that may be encountered.
Cocahoe Minnow Salt Fact Sheet
Salt Fact Sheet
Cocahoe minnows require a minimal salinity to grow and thrive. The type of water you use and the type of salt can make a large difference in the survival and growth of these fish.
Supplier Fact Sheet
Supply Fact Sheet Image
A list of supplies and vendors for raising and spawning cocahoe minnows.
Cocahoe Pool Spawning
Cocahoe Pool Spawning Fact Sheet
Utilization of above-ground pools is practical for production of large numbers of cocahoe minnow eggs. This is achievable outdoors throughout summer, with peaks in late spring and early fall.
Cocahoe Water Quality
Cocahoe Water Quality
When holding live baitfish, a number of factors must be managed properly to ensure good survival and health. Water quality, including parameters such as dissolved oxygen and temperature, is a very important factor to monitor while holding live baitfish.
Air Incubation Fact Sheet
Air Incubation Fact Sheet
Cocahoe minnows are adapted to having their eggs exposed to both air and water due to rising and falling tides. This document is a description of how we imitate this behavior by using air incubation in the lab to produce and hatch larvae.
Cocahoe Predators
Cocahoe Predators
Fish predators can cause considerable losses of fish produced in aquaculture. This document provides a list of the most common fish predators at aquaculture ponds.